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Pre-Order The Secret World – Get Access to All Beta Weekends Starting May 11th

by Deeon 04/03/2012
The Secret World is now live. Everyone who pre-orders will be guaranteed access to all Beta Weekends beginning May 11, 2012 running most weekends up until the game’s launch on June 19, 2012 on PC. Players can pre-order the game now at Gamers who pre-order The Secret World will receive: Guaranteed access to all […]

The May MMO Update

by Deeon 04/28/2011
A round up of the lastest news on several MMOs I have been following. Also our interview with Zombie MMO creators Undead Labs

The November MMO Update

by Deeon 11/01/2010
We give you the highlights for all the MMO News from September.

The September MMO Update

by Deeon 09/01/2010
Get up to date with all the MMO news dug up over last month.

The Secret World In-Depth Templar Video

by Deeon 08/27/2010
See how you will start out if you choose Templar in The Secret World


Who to Expect at Gamescom

by Deeon 08/14/2010
See a few people you should expect to see at Gamescom this week.

Guild Wars 2 healing

The August MMO Update

by Deeon 08/02/2010
It is a colorful assortment of information, all of which you want to read.

The Secret World Community Questions 3rd Edition

by Deeon 06/03/2010
The final installment of community questions have been unleashed for The Secret World.

Star Wars header

The June MMO Update

by Deeon 06/01/2010
Star Wars,Star Trek,Guild Wars, and The Secret World if none of these interest you then I don't know what to tell you.

Secret World Community Manager Q&A

by Deeon 05/20/2010
The Funcom Community Manager answers questions on the Secret World forums


The May MMO Update

by Deeon 05/12/2010
All Point Bulletin, Guild Wars 2, and the Secret World. See whats new with these 3 MMO's in development.

The Secret World…dark days are coming

by Deeon 04/09/2010
A countdown on Funcom's new MMO The Secret World is on their website, but what is it counting down?

The Secret World Gameplay Video and Background

by Deeon 04/05/2010
Dig deeper into the Secret World and see what is going on in the town of Kingsmouth

The April MMO Update

by Deeon 04/01/2010
Check out news on titles that were in development and some games you may have never heard of.