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Initial Impressions & Video Walk-Through of The Golf Game

by John Lon 08/20/2014
Yesterday The Golf Game hit Xbox One and PC. The Golf Game is a golf simulator where gamers are challenged every time they hit the green. With a major focus on user created course and tournaments every golf outing can be a new experience as the number of courses to play on are pretty much […]

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Steam Summer Sale Starts Today

by John Lon 06/19/2014
It’s that time of the year folks, Steam is running their annual Summer Sale. Gamers can scoop up some amazing deals with prices be slashed upward of 75%. The Summer Sale goes on for another 10 days with daily deals and Flash Sales every 8 hours. Head over to the Steam Store now and stock […]


Your Hand Guides Fate in Avadon 2: The Corruption

by Jason Mon 10/29/2013
Well, your hand might have been forced into fighting for everyone’s sake, but its a little complicated in Spiderweb Software’s Avadon 2: The Corruption.  This is the second chapter in the indie developer’s fantasy RPG trilogy that plays and feels like a wonderfully crafted D&D tabletop campaign minus the overbearing dungeon master.   Avadon 2 […]


Forced Review: Smarts and Skills Combined

by Deeon 10/24/2013
The arcade genre has been known to breathe new and unique experiences in a gaming world where we are greeted with sequel after sequel for FPS titles. Forced is no different in its ability to improve on old genres that have been set in their ways. At first glance you might see Forced as another […]


Civilization V Rolls Out New Randomized DLC Packs

by Jason Mon 10/21/2013
Last Tuesday, 2K and Firaxis Games announced that two new map packs, Scambled Continents and Scrambled Nations, would be available on October 15th and November 5th respectively for $4.99 from participating digital retailers. Whether you like your maps scrambled or sunny side up, these packs keep real geographic outline intact but randomize the interior layout […]


Valve’s Final Reveal is a Next-Gen Controller

by Jason Mon 09/27/2013
The Steam Controller was a little bit expected after Wednesday’s Steam Machine announcement, but you can see why it was saved for last.  Valve’s Steam Controller is definitely an innovative kind of input device meant to demolish the barrier for PC gaming to storm the living room in 2014. The controller features button and trackpad […]


Valve Reveals Their Steam Machine Beta Plans

by Jason Mon 09/25/2013
Instead of one designated Steam Box, Valve is making multiple hardware solutions called Steam Machines to bring Steam into your coveted living room.  These machines will run their recently announced SteamOS, be fully upgradeable, be available in multiple models and won’t be available until 2014. In the name of customer satisfaction and iterative design, Valve […]


Valve’s First Reveal is a Fancy OS

by Jason Mon 09/23/2013
Valve announced that Steam is getting its own operating system called SteamOS.  It combines the gaming experience of Steam with Linux to bring PC gaming to the living room. Gabe Newell, a huge proponent of Linux and PC openess, and Valve are making the first free operating system designed for video games around the “rock-solid […]