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Beyond: Two Souls Review: A Tale of Two Halves

by Mike Martinon 10/30/2013
Beyond: Two Souls is like playing on a seesaw. When it’s up, you’re up. When it’s down, you’re down. At its peak, Beyond: TS has some of the most realistic 3D character modeling and animation ever and surprisingly enjoyable, unique movement based controls. At its lowest, it takes a scattershot approach to telling a story […]

Celebration of Indie Developers at IndieCade 2013

by Jason Mon 10/04/2013
In its fourth year running, IndieCade’s International Festival of Independent Games is bringing publishers and developers from all walks of the industry to embrace the indie games’ culture and success.  The festivities started yesterday October 3rd with tutorial summits, but the real focus of IndieCade kicks off tomorrow  with the actual Game Festival. The IndieCade […]


PAX 2013: Mega Indie Roundup

by Mike Martinon 09/11/2013
My final recap of PAX 2013 covers independent gaming. Indie gaming is in what many feel is a Golden Age right now and that couldn’t be more evident than the amount of space devoted to indie games between the Indie MEGABOOTH and PAX 10. But it isn’t just limited to PC or mobile anymore. Consoles […]

PAX 2013: Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Hands-on Impressions

by Mike Martinon 09/05/2013
Oh Sony, how long will you chase after a bona fide first-person shooter franchise to rival the competition? Killzone Shadow Fall does absolutely nothing for me. I want to be clear that this demo was multiplayer only, but if this is an indication of things to come, there are way better first-person shooter multiplayer games […]


PAX 2013: Beyond: Two Souls PS3 Gameplay Off-Camera

by Mike Martinon 09/04/2013
Beyond: Two Souls gameplay video off-camera at PAX 2013. This was a long wait, but well worth it. Sony had a solid showing of PS3 games to counter a rather tame PS4 presence. This video features Jodie escaping the police and an encounter with police dogs.

PAX 2013: Whirlwind Day One and Two Highlights

by Mike Martinon 09/01/2013
There is so much to see and play at PAX 2013. With two days down, and two days to go, I’ve been all over the Washington State Convention Center and my body is screaming for a bubble bath. Instead, I trudge on this night to bring you some highlights from day one and two. I’ve […]


Xbox One Versus PS4 – Don’t Crown the PS4 Yet

by Mike Martinon 06/27/2013
Sony could’ve held a five minute press conference at E3 last week and walked away the fan favorite. They’ve certainly taken the opening round in what is sure to be entertaining fight between the PS4 and Xbox One that will go the distance. Don’t crown the PS4 champions yet. Microsoft still has a lot of […]

E3 2013: PS4 $399, Plays Used Games, No Always-On

by Mike Martinon 06/10/2013
Sony just threw down the gauntlet in the next generation console war at their E3 press conference. The biggest bombshell was the $399 US price, a full $100 less than the Xbox One. It was also announced the Sony PS4 will play used games without any restrictions and will not require an always-on connection. There […]


E3 2013 Preview: What to Expect from Sony

by Mike Martinon 06/09/2013
Sony had better send Microsoft a thank you card for setting E3 up perfectly for the PlayStation 4. They couldn’t ask for better circumstances. The PS4 will make its official debut and I’m betting will have a fantastic showing of games. While Sony sat back and watched Microsoft take its lumps over the last couple […]

Watch_Dogs Releases November 19th, New Gameplay Trailer

by Deeon 04/29/2013
Watch_Dogs, will be available in North America on November 19 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,, the WiiU, and Windows PC, as well as at the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox.


Sunday Flashback: What was Sony thinking?

by Deeon 04/28/2013
Seriously, this was the marketing campaign for the last Playstation. Thank you Sony for fueling my nightmares...

DUST514 Officially Launches May 14th

by Deeon 04/28/2013
CCP Games has announced that DUST 514 will launch on May 14, 2013. The free-to-play first-person-shooter launches on PlayStation 3, and players can join the war for galactic supremacy with the ease of a free download.  


Yebis 2 Physics Engine Announced for Next-Gen Systems

by Deeon 03/15/2013
Silicon Studio, a middleware provider based in Japan, announced today that Yebis 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and will be for other next-gen systems.Yebis 2 is a real-time post-processing middleware that transforms current and next-gen development with physically-based optics simulation and high-quality, next-generation lens effects. Yebis 2 is a foundational middleware solution for AAA next-gen gaming.

My Reason: For Not Seeing Sony’s Next-Gen Dominance…in One Picture

by Deeon 03/11/2013
A picture is worth a thousand words...a picture of numbers is worth how much?


The Fans will Drive Xbox’s Next-Gen

by Deeon 02/22/2013
The gaming world has changed for better and for worse. The things that mattered and drove consumers one way or another last generation, are widely obsolete, and the success or failure will rely on their current fanbase.

Hack your Way Through Watch_Dogs in Gameplay Video from PS4 Announcement

by Deeon 02/20/2013
Watch_Dogs will be available on PS4 at launch, along with its release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, the Wii U, and Windows PC.