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Massive Radiangames Sale This Week

by Andyon 05/15/2012
Radiangames is 2 years old today and to celebrate they have all of their titles across every platform on sale.  All their iPhone/iPad games.  All my PC/Mac games.  All my Xbox games.  And all the soundtracks too.  So, if you’re to broke to get Diablo III and Max Payne 3 today  grab a $0.99 game […]

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Ballistic SE Announced

by Andyon 04/13/2012
Radiangames has announced Ballistic Special Edition, an intense twin-stick shooter, is coming soon to iPad and iPhone.  Plus, Fireball Special Edition, Radiangames’ explosive object-avoidance game, received its first update today. Ballistic Special Edition is an intense twin-stick shooter coming later in April.  It will be a Universal app for iPad and iPhone 3GS or later […]


Radiangames’ Fireball Special Edition Released For iOS Devices

by Andyon 03/15/2012
Radiangames has been expanding their release platforms recently from Xbox Live Indie Games to PC and now to iOS devices.  Today the released Fireball Special Edition, an explosive arcade survival game, for iPad and iPhone. Fireball SE is available on the App Store here. Fireball SE is a Universal app with support for iPad and […]


Slydris Review

by Andyon 01/25/2012
Radiangames today released their Quadtastic Launch Collection for $11.99.  The collection includes updated version of Xbox Live Indie Games Ballistic and Fireball as well as Inferno+which is an expanded and remixed version of the original Inferno.  What really jumped out at me though it the all new title Slydris. It is the first puzzle game […]