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God Mode Review: A SWAT Team for Kratos

by Deeon 04/21/2013
I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into when I downloaded God Mode by Oldschool Games. To say the least, I was more than pleasantly surprised. God Mode puts you in the shoes of a customizable character that you guide through Hades (Greek Hell) in order to not spend an eternity trapped here. How […]

Terraria Review: Fun Frolic or Perplexing Enigma?

by VGR Staffon 04/01/2013
Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible! The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint. Terraria is a classic 2-D game developed by Re-Logic and ported to the Xbox Arcade and PSN via 505 Games. It features exploration, crafting/construction and combat in a randomly generated world; this side scrolling adventure is […]


Dollar Dash: A Chaotic Mess?

by VGR Staffon 03/06/2013
Find it, rob it, and keep it. 
Dollar Dash is a new top-down maze game released by Kalypso Media Group & developed by Candygun Games. It will be available on XBLA, PSN and Steam on March 6th, 2013. The premise: You are a robber who wants to grab as much loot as possible while keeping […]


Irrational Games Announces BioShock Infinite Season Pass

by VGR Staffon 02/21/2013
Irrational Games today announced that production of downloadable content has recently begun for BioShock Infinite and revealed details of the BioShock Infinite Season Pass.  Three all-new add-on packs will provide hours of additional gameplay and continue the player’s journey in the sky-city of Columbia with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons. Those who purchase the […]

Enter The Cave Next Week

by Deeon 01/15/2013
Double Fine's next adventure takes you into The Cave.


Lights, Camera, Party! PSN Review

by Joshon 10/27/2012
As a father of three children, I think it’s safe to say that party games have been a pretty prominent staple of gaming around my house over the years.  We’ve played the pretty good (Mario Party series) and we’ve also played the really bad (majority of Wii shovel ware party games), but we have never […]


Playstation Network Outage Due to Unknown Reasons [UPDATE]

by John Lomagaon 06/09/2012
**Update 4: Service has been restored. No word on the reason for the outage.** **Update 3: Playstation Official twitter just sent the following tweet: ” We are aware that some of you are having issues accessing PSN, and we’re working to restore service to all. Thank you for your patience.”** **Update 2: Some users are […]

NCAA Football 13 Playbook #4: Heisman Challenge Unveiled

by Joshon 05/30/2012
Put in your mouthpiece, slap on your shoulder pads and grab your helmet because EA SPORTS has unveiled Playbook #4: Heisman Challenge for the upcoming release of their bestselling sports title, NCAA Football 13!!! The fourth release in the EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 Playbook series, “Heisman Challenge” is now available on the NCAA Football […]

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This Week in Gaming: Max brings the Payne to PC

by Jason Mon 05/27/2012
We are a week away from E3 it’s some what quiet in the gaming world. Despite the fact that it’s been quiet Max has brought the Payne to PC. 5/28/12 – NO RELEASES 5/29/12 – PROTOTYPE 2: Excessive Force Pack (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – This DLC will include a Viral Infector Grenade Launcher. Force […]

Starhawk Review

by Joshon 05/24/2012
Back in 2007, Sony was hunting for a killer multiplayer exclusive to their system that could compete with other major titles and bring massive amounts of gamers flocking to the PS3 and the PlayStation Network.  What they found was a title by the name of Warhawk that they hoped would bring a few more customers […]


Orc Attack – Swamp Gameplay

by Deeon 05/24/2012
This arcade game in development by Casual Brothers Games looks like it is going to be great addition to arcade games. Up to four players join forces as a bunch of orcs and act like orcs. Destroying villages and fighting people, leaving nothing but blood and guts in their wake. Check out the video below […]

New DUST 514 Dev Diary

by Joshon 05/21/2012
We just got our hands on part one of an all new dev diary from CCP Game’s upcoming free to play MMO PS3 exclusive first person shooter DUST 514 and the game is starting to look pretty awesome. Titled “Welcome to New Eden,” this video features some of the creative minds behind the game – […]


DC Universe Online Features Mark Hamill and All Star Voice Overs

by Jason Mon 05/16/2012
Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that the cast that did the voiceovers from DC Universe Online on the latest DLC entitled “The Last Laugh”. On this DLC there will be some well known stars voices, including Mark Hamill(The Joker), Adam Baldwin(Superman),  Arleen Sorkin(Harley Quinn). On The Last Laugh you will be able to play multiplayer […]

Awesomenauts Review

by Andyon 05/10/2012
I love that there are developers like Romino Games stuff like Awesomenauts. They combined 2D platforming with a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) in a way that works really well.  There is enough strategy that playing smart can offset a lack of platforming skill, but those double-jumping kings can hold their own as well.  While […]


2K Sports & Spike TV will Celebrate the Newest Millionaire on May 24th

by Jason Mon 04/26/2012
  2K Sports announced today that they have partnered up with Spike TV to produce and air this year’s $1 Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge in New York City at the MLB FanCave. The TV show will air on May 24th at 11:30PM ET/PT, it will be 30 minutes. After a single-elimination competition the newest […]

Awesomenauts is the Playstation Plus Game of the Month

by Deeon 04/24/2012
The highly anticipated PSN & XBLA game Awesomenauts will be PlayStation Plus game of the month in May! So all PS Plus subscribers will be able to pick it up at no extra charge! What is this Awesomenauts game, you ask? Well, let’s break it down: 3 on 3 online platforming shooter action with bright […]