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New Sorcery Story Trailer & Final US Box Art

by Joshon 04/30/2012
If you originally purchased the PlayStation Move peripherals with the thought of someday getting your inner Harry Potter on and wagging the wireless Move controllers around like imaginary magic wands, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re now less than a month out from the May 22nd launch of Sorcery.  Sony recently showed off the […]


LittleBigPlanet Karting Announced for PS3!

by Joshon 03/22/2012
Uh oh, Mario!  It looks as if another cute little short guy has zipped up the racing suit as another competitor has entered in to the crowded Kart racing world.  That’s right, folks.  Sackboy is back and he’s ready to kick some asphalt!  It was announced earlier today that LittleBigPlanet Karting will be coming to […]

The Darkness II Review

by Joshon 02/19/2012
Jackie Estacado and The Darkness have a love/hate type of relationship.  Jackie absolutely hates The Darkness and the evil that lives inside of him.  The Darkness loves Jackie and the violent mob background that Jackie lives only feeds The Darkness and makes it stronger. Jackie may not be able to get rid of The Darkness, […]


New Mini-Games Trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls

by Joshon 02/16/2012
How does a young, hard working Yakuza unwind after a long day of killing zombies in the upcoming all-new title Yakuza: Dead Souls? By playing games of bowling, darts, ping pong and more, of course! Today SEGA is proud to present an all-new mini-game trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls, scheduled for release March 13th exclusively […]

Ubisoft Offers 5 Titles for PS Vita Launch

by Deeon 02/14/2012
Today, Ubisoft released five games for PlayStation Vita, the new handheld console from Sony Computer Entertainment. So if you are looking for titles to play here are the five listed below with a brief description on each. Asphalt: Injection: The popular arcade, portable racing series is coming to PS®Vita with new and exclusive dual-stick, gyroscope […]


2K Sports Releases First Trailer for MLB 2K12

by Joshon 01/31/2012
With 2K Sports first trailer release of Major League Baseball 2K12, America’s favorite pastime video game has never looked better. The video teases My Player mode in which you take control of a minor league rookie in his first career at-bat against the 2011 AL Cy Young and MVP award winning pitcher, Justin Verlander of […]


Army Corps of Hell Announcement for PlayStation Vita

by Joshon 10/15/2011
Square Enix, Inc. Friday announced Army Corps of Hell as an exclusive launch title for the PlayStation Vita system! Developed by Entersphere, Inc., Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of vicious combat, dark humor and lightning-quick action to the PS Vita system. Players control an army of a hundred goblin soldiers with various […]


Uncharted Golden Abyss Trailer

by Joshon 09/22/2011
The most recent Uncharted Golden Abyss looks very, very promising! I have to say the graphics and game play look pretty on par with the original Uncharted, if not better. Who’s looking forward to the release of the Playstation Vita?