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Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Naval and Fort Gameplay Walkthrough

by Deeon 08/27/2013
In this new gameplay walkthrough narrated by game director Ashraf Ismail, experience the strategy, weapons and rewards of conquering and capturing forts in Assassin's Creed 4.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition

E3 2013: Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer

by Deeon 06/10/2013
Dragon Age Inquisition, a next-generation action RPG from BioWare, creators of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy. Dragon Age Inquisition is set in an expansive story-driven open world filled with complex characters, meaningful player choices, and challenging combat. Players are empowered to shape every aspect of their game experience as they lead the Inquisition, changing the land of Thedas and the Dragon Age forever. Dragon Age Inquisition will launch in Fall 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.


First Look at the PS4 Hardware…Well Sorta

by John Lon 05/20/2013
It’s no surprise that Sony released a teaser of the PS4 hardware right before #XboxReveal. Unfortunately they didn’t totally blow Microsoft out of the water with a full blown system reveal, instead we get blurry shots and tight close-ups of the Playstation 4. It looks like the console is going to have a similar overall shape to […]


Meet the PS4 DualShock 4 Controller

by John Lon 02/21/2013
Last night Sony unveiled the Playstation 4 and a brand new controller for it’s next-gen system. The DualShock 4 features a few new features that will further enhance the way you play games. For starters the controller sports a Vita like touchpad allowing developers the chance to create unique touch controls for games. The next new feature is the light […]


First Killzone: Shadow Fall Screenshots Will Amaze

by John Lon 02/21/2013
At the Playstation 4 announcement Sony wowed us with the latest Killzone title, Killzone: Shadow Fall. Here are the first screenshots of the new and presumably PS4 launch title.


First Watch_Dogs PS4 Screenshots

by John Lon 02/21/2013
Announced officially as a PS4 title, UbiSoft shared some amazing screenshots of Watch Dogs


Sony Announces Playstation 4

by John Lon 02/20/2013
The rumors are true, the Playstation 4 will be hitting stores this holiday season. This evening in NYC Sony dropped the curtain on it’s next-gen system. The PS 4 is all about, power, ease of use and being social. The system will give developers unbelievable power to bring their wildest dream to life in our living rooms. Gamers will […]

Blizzard Bringing Diablo 3 to PS4 and PS3

by John Lon 02/20/2013
It was just announced at the Playstation 2013 Event that Blizzard Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment have entered into a deal that will see Diablo 3 coming to the PS4 and the PS3. The team at Blizzard has been re-working the games controls to give gamers the best console experience possible of the game. For those heading […]