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Valve’s Final Reveal is a Next-Gen Controller

by Jason Mon 09/27/2013
The Steam Controller was a little bit expected after Wednesday’s Steam Machine announcement, but you can see why it was saved for last.  Valve’s Steam Controller is definitely an innovative kind of input device meant to demolish the barrier for PC gaming to storm the living room in 2014. The controller features button and trackpad […]


Valve’s First Reveal is a Fancy OS

by Jason Mon 09/23/2013
Valve announced that Steam is getting its own operating system called SteamOS.  It combines the gaming experience of Steam with Linux to bring PC gaming to the living room. Gabe Newell, a huge proponent of Linux and PC openess, and Valve are making the first free operating system designed for video games around the “rock-solid […]


Interview with Project Eternity’s Josh Sawyer

by Deeon 10/10/2012
Obsidian Entertainment has had their hand in so many classic titles that I personally was surprised to learn that they helped make some that are near and dear to my heart. They’ve been a part of Knights of the Old Republic II, Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Knights II, and  many more. For their latest venture […]


Sony Dropping Linux OS Support From PS3

by John Lon 03/30/2010
While this announcement doesn’t really hinder the normal PS3 gamer, a select few hardcore fans of the system will be rather annoyed.  Sony has announced that as of April 1st. it is removing the option to install a second OS on your PS3.  The change will also remove the linux OS from machines of owners […]