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Massive Radiangames Sale This Week

by Andyon 05/15/2012
Radiangames is 2 years old today and to celebrate they have all of their titles across every platform on sale.  All their iPhone/iPad games.  All my PC/Mac games.  All my Xbox games.  And all the soundtracks too.  So, if you’re to broke to get Diablo III and Max Payne 3 today  grab a $0.99 game […]


EVE Online: Inferno Expansion Details

by Deeon 05/14/2012
Building on a unique achievement in gaming history with a 9th anniversary celebrating continuous year-on-year growth earlier this May, CCP Games and its award-winning game EVE Online are nearing release of a 17th free expansion, EVE Online: Inferno, to all subscribers on May 22nd. More than any other expansion in EVE’s history, Inferno aims to […]


Slydris Review

by Andyon 01/25/2012
Radiangames today released their Quadtastic Launch Collection for $11.99.  The collection includes updated version of Xbox Live Indie Games Ballistic and Fireball as well as Inferno+which is an expanded and remixed version of the original Inferno.  What really jumped out at me though it the all new title Slydris. It is the first puzzle game […]