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Meet the Moogle in Final Fantasy XIII-2

by Deeon 01/05/2012
In FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, the Moogle, named Mog, accompanies Serah on the adventure and has several functions; each of which help give the player more variety and choice over their game experience. Mog transforms into Serah’s weapon during combat. The Mog Clock allows the player to pick up bonuses, or penalties during battle. Serah’s companion […]


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters Trailer

by Deeon 12/20/2011
This video contains new footage of the main adversaries, heroes, and other returning characters from the series. Take a closer look at the clash between Lightning and Caius, the most powerful nemesis she’s ever encountered. Wrap your eyes around brand-new footage of Noel and Serah, and other returning characters, Snow and Hope. This is the […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2: A Guided Tour Trailer‏

by Deeon 12/12/2011
The trailer provides an in-depth look at Final Fantasy XIII-2’s greater sense of freedom and exploration, in addition to the enhanced battle system, which will allow you to collect and train more than 150 different monsters found throughout the game. It reveals a deeper look at strategic fast-paced battles, in-depth customization and choice-oriented gameplay, that […]


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Environments Trailer

by Deeon 12/07/2011
Take an expedited tour of some brand new, expansive locales in this “Environments” video. Noel and Serah’s journey will take them to key locations of the previous game; although, due to their time traveling escapades, these areas have radically new looks. This is the second in a series of new gameplay videos, so stay tuned […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enhanced Battle System Trailer

by Deeon 12/01/2011
The video highlights the well-known Active Time Battle (ATB) system made famous in previous FINAL FANTASY titles. Paradigm Shifts allow the user to adjust combat roles mid-battle and the all-new Cinematic Action sequences add interaction and variety to the beautiful fight sequences that the series is renowned for. This is the first in a series […]


Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Battle of Valhalla Trailer

by Deeon 11/23/2011
The latest trailer from Square Enix puts you in the Battle of Valhalla.