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This Generation: The Top 11 Emotional Moments

by Deeon 06/28/2013
Who put all these damn onions in here!
Resident Evil 6 Screen Shot 5

The Horror Genre in a Multiplayer World

by Deeon 05/25/2012
Multiplayer has changed the gaming world forever. It was always fun to have three friends over and play split-screen in Goldeneye, but that seems like ages ago now. Multiplayer is intertwined with every piece of a game nowadays and although I love being so connected, some genres get hit hard. One of those genres is […]


VGRevolution Staff Top Games of 2011

by VGR Staffon 12/29/2011
2011 was a big year for the gaming industry, with some monster franchises continuing heir success and a handful of new IPs trying to build a foundation. This year we all played and reviewed lots of games. Here are each of our top game picks for 2011; *Don’t forget to check out all our Picks […]

This Week in Gaming Logo

This Week in Gaming : Lost in Space Edition

by Deeon 01/23/2011
New Releases from 1/23 to 1/30
EA Gun Club

EA Gun Club

by Deeon 01/07/2011
EA has created a community site for a different genre of EA fans.


Dead Space 2 Coming December 21st

by Andyon 12/08/2010
Visceral Games today announced a demo for the action horror game Dead Space 2 will be available December 21st.  In the Dead Space 2 demo, players will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology, an expectedly “safe” place that quickly becomes dangerous and deadly, during the Necromorph outbreak on […]


Jason Graves Scores Dead Space 2

by John Lomagaon 11/17/2010
Award winning composer Jason Graves who scored Dead Space is returning to score the sequel Dead Space 2.  Graves’ original music score for Dead Space 2 features the intricately woven thematic movement “Lacrimosa,” a concerto for string quartet that runs throughout the game. The game’s intense and varied soundtrack also immerses players in this thrilling action […]

Dead Space 2 Gameplay Trailer

by John Lomagaon 08/21/2010
Isaac is going to face all types of dangers in Dead Space 2.  In this latest gameplay trailer take a HALO jump with Isaac.


Who to Expect at Gamescom

by Deeon 08/14/2010
See a few people you should expect to see at Gamescom this week.

Dead Space 2 Creepy As Expected

by Andyon 04/29/2010
Dead Space 2 was announced a few weeks back and today we get our first trailer. Isaac Clarke returns in Dead Space 2 and he is taking the fight to the Necromorphs. New tools to gruesomely slice and dismember the Necromorphs complement Isaac’s signature Plasma Cutter, empowering him as he meets new characters, explores epic […]