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Meet the Heavy Hitters in Bioshock Infinite

by Deeon 03/27/2012
Irrational Games started a Heavy Hitter series, showing off the terrifying and creepy nature of some unique enemies that you will encounter in the new Bioshock Infinite. Below you will find four videos each of which gives you a glimpse of these enemies in action and will leave you fighting for your life when the […]

BioshockInfinite E3 Sky-Line

BioShock Infinite “1999 Mode” Announced

by Andyon 01/19/2012
2K Games has a treat for gamers who like old school style challenges in their gaming.  BioShock Infinite will feature a new 1999 Mode, designed to challenge players in a variety of ways – each requiring substantial commitment and skill development.   In 1999 Mode gamers will face demanding weapon, power, and health management. The […]


BioShock Infinite Announced and First Look

by John Lon 08/12/2010
Today 2k Games and Irrational Games the studio behind the original BioSHock announced that the 3rd installment of the franchise is currently in development and will hit stores in 2012.  Titled Bioshock Infinite, the game takes players out of the familiar confines of Rapture and rockets them to Columbia, an immense city in the sky. As […]