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Top 10 PS4 Games…… So Far

by on 08/05/2014

The first year anniversary of the Playstation 4 is quickly approaching. While there are a ton of big hits on the horizon, there are some stellar titles out right now that gamers should consider for their PS4 library.

In no particular order, here are 10 games you should check out:

Last of Us

Sony launched Last of Us for the PS3 last June and this Naughty Dog-developed title shot right to the top of the list for game of the year contention. With the game’s great storyline and stunning visuals it’s no surprise that Naughty Dog went right back to work and remastered Last of Us for the PS4. With upgraded visuals, the resolution hitting 1080p and over $30 of additional content added to the disc that was originally released as DLC, this is a worthy title for all PS4 owners.


Infamous: Second Son

Infamous was a powerhouse franchise for the PS3, so it’s no surprise that the game has made the leap to the PS4. With the same open-world gameplay that holds gamers to every decision they make—good or bad, Second Son really showcases the power of the PS4. Second Son’s vibrant environments are a perfect selling point for the consoles share features allowing gamers to show off the great sites of the game.


Killzone: Shadowfall

No surprise here. Killzone is another massive franchise in the Playstation library, and Shadowfall keeps the it alive and kicking. All the great FPS gun-play we’ve loved over the years is here to stay. When you think the PS3-version visuals couldn’t get any better, they do—thanks to the power of the PS4. Lock and load as you’ll be spending lots of time fighting the Hellgast once again.



MLB 14: The Show

So far there is a theme with this list, the tried and true franchises on the PS3 are still alive and strong on the PS4. MLB: The Show has been a smash hit and probably one of the best sports franchises out there. Now, all the great baseball action gets an amazing improvement in visuals thanks to the PS4. I’m not even a sports fan and MLB: The Show has always been in my Playstation library. The boys of summer really come alive in MLB 14: The Show.



Are you looking for some quick pick up and play gaming? Well, Resogun would be a great buy. A simple fast-paced action space-shooter that will remind you of an old school arcade game, but with stunning graphics.


NBA 2k14

First-party games aren’t the only one’s PS4 owners should have in their library. NBA 2k14 is another stunning outing for 2K Sports. With it’s great controls and photo-realistic graphics, the new horsepower of the PS4 really brings the game to life. Plus, I always love the highlight packages the game puts together. This is by far the best of any sports game.



EA Sports UFC

“It’s TIME” the number one fighting promotion in the world and top video game developer/publisher in the world have joined forces. Fight fans get an amazing experience, from the game’s solid career mode to it’s stunning visuals and masterful controls, EA Sports UFC is a fighting game for all fight fans.



I’m a little bias on this suggestion as my hype-meter has been full since the game was first revealed, but the fact remains Ubisoft created a great near-future open-world Chicago for gamers to play in. While it might have a rough spot in the driving controls, the hacking component and the great eye candy of the world makes the game worth it. There is so much to do in Watch_Dogs that it’s easy to get lost in the game for hours on end.


Tomb Raider: Definitive Collection

Tomb Raider is another title that launched late in the last console cycle like Last of Us, and it was also a game that received huge praises from gamers, so it’s no surprise that it was remastered with better visuals and re-launched on the PS4. Besides the upgraded visuals the game also includes all the DLC content released for it on last-gen.




Looking for a good scare, Outlast is the game that will scare the pants off of you, and has people jumping in fear at conventions all around the world. This survival horror game puts gamers through a heart-pounding mystery adventure in an old mental ayslum. It’s best played with the lights out but don’t get mad at me if you need to purchase new underwear.

So far, the launch of the PS4 has been pretty solid, with some great first and third-party titles, giving gamers a nice variety of PS4 games to play which are available from Argos.

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