NCAA Football 13 Playbook #3: “DYNASTY” Revealed

by Joshon 05/08/2012
In what is quickly becoming my most anticipated game of the summer, EA Sports has revealed the third NCAA Football 13 feature playbook “Dynasty.”   With the likes of Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler, Erin Andrews and Rece Davis of ESPN providing authentic and enhanced commentary on all the action via informative Studio Updates and ESPN Bottom Line, […]

Primal Carnage Shows Great Human vs Dino Action

by Deeon 05/08/2012
A predator’s thirst for prey cannot be satiated by anything other than a perfect kill, and soon players will be wielding the blood-parched, unrelenting force of history’s greatest generation of hunters – the dinosaurs. Primal Carnage sets players in a man versus pre-historic beast online deathmatch as savvy survivalists collide with foes of brute force, […]


Unite to Unlock Assassin’s Creed III Gameplay Premiere Trailer

by Deeon 05/07/2012
Get a sneak peek into the world of Assassin’s Creed III and the game’s new hero, Connor, as he hunts his prey through the snowy frontier of Colonial America. We got a taste of the gameplay at this years PAX East and you can see how excited I got for this game with our preview […]

Dirt Showdown

VGR Gameplay Video Series – DiRT Showdown Demo Single Player

by John Lomagaon 05/03/2012
Codemasters is getting prepped to head into the thunder-dome of demolition derby action with DiRT Showdown. Today we bring you some smash mouth racing gameplay in the first VGR Gameplay Video Series. We’ll follow this up with some multiplayer action tomorrow! For all our great videos make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel.

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Video Part 2

by John Lomagaon 05/03/2012
We’ve already gotten a taste of MAx Payne 3 Multiplayer in the first developer video, and now we get to go even deeper into the 16 player online action. In this second video we see Gang Wars which uses events from the single-player game as narrative starting points for matches with a dynamically shifting storyline based […]


First Hitman Gameplay Trailer

by Deeon 05/02/2012
Square Enix and IO Interactive today revealed Introducing: Agent 47, the first gameplay trailer in a new original series. Created entirely from original gameplay moments, Introducing is dedicated to show the richness, depth and possibilities surrounding the living and breathing world of Hitman: Absolution.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 the Future Reveal Trailer

by John Lomagaon 05/01/2012
The wait is over and we now know that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be launching later this year, 11/13/12 to be exact. The reveal trailer, which just launched and airing tonight during the NBA Playoffs, gives us a taste of the story for the game. Black Ops 2 will be set in […]

Dive Deep Into XCOM: Enemy Unknown Art Direction

by John Lomagaon 05/01/2012
In the latest XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer Deep Dive Video we get a look at the art of XCOM with Firaxis Art Director Greg Foertsch.


Ghost Recon Alpha Movie Trailer

by Deeon 05/01/2012
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha is the 25-minute prequel film to the video game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier and follows the Ghosts as they are dropped deep behind enemy lines in order to eliminate one of the world’s most sought-after war criminals. Ghost Recon Alpha is deeply connected with the video game, Tom […]
Dirt Showdown

DiRT Showdown Demo Releases

by Andyon 05/01/2012
Featuring both a solo race and a multiplayer demolition derby event, the DiRT Showdown demo launched today for Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Steam on PC.  DiRT Showdown will release on all three platforms on Mat 22th 2012. To mark the launch of the demo, Codemasters has released a ‘Demo Derby’ video showcasing the […]


New Sorcery Story Trailer & Final US Box Art

by Joshon 04/30/2012
If you originally purchased the PlayStation Move peripherals with the thought of someday getting your inner Harry Potter on and wagging the wireless Move controllers around like imaginary magic wands, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re now less than a month out from the May 22nd launch of Sorcery.  Sony recently showed off the […]

NCAA Football 13 Draft Night Premiere in New York

by Joshon 04/26/2012
With only a few hours left before the biggest night of their young lives tonight, 15 of the hottest college prospects helped kick off NFL Draft week in style Tuesday evening during the NCAA Football 13 Draft Night Premiere event at the Lavo nightclub in New York City.  The guests of honor were Robert Griffin […]


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gunsmith Trailer

by Deeon 04/26/2012
Hands down the best feature in Ghost Recon Future Soldier just got a trailer. I think once you get to play the game this will seem even cooler, from playing it the customization is truly unique. Decisions on customizing your weapon comes down to personal preference instead of 1 combination that everyone will use. Gunsmith […]

Powers Boothe is ICA Agent Benjamin Travis in Hitman: Absolution

by Deeon 04/26/2012
Square Enix and IO Interactive have revealed Benjamin Travis, a new character in Hitman: Absolution, in the latest video from the ICA files series. [flv][/flv] Benjamin Travis, a new ICA handler, is voiced by Powers Boothe, known for his roles in Sin City and 24. Fans can meet the talent behind the new character in […]


Starhawk Single-Player Showcased in New Trailer

by Joshon 04/25/2012
In what is becoming more and more of a “Day 1″ purchase for me, the good people over at Santa Monica Studio and LightBox Interactive give us a pretty sweet looking trailer for their upcoming PS3 title, Starhawk. From what I’ve been covering since news of this game hit has pretty much been all multiplayer…until […]

NBA Baller Beats for Kinect

by Deeon 04/25/2012
The soon-to-launch Kinect-only game that puts a real basketball in your hands in a fun, high energy and first-of-its kind participative basketball experience. NBA Baller Beats gets players on their feet mastering mad ball handling skills while playing to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack. The Kinect motion sensor captures every movement of both player […]