Gustavo Fring Returns in New Destiny Trailer

by John Lomagaon 05/24/2013
In the latest trailer for Destiny from Bungie, Breaking Bad Alum Giancarlo Esposito makes an appearance in this live action trailer directed by Jon Favreau.


Disney Infinity Gives Tour of Monsters University Campus in New Video

by Deeon 05/23/2013
Within the Monsters University play set, gamers can take on the role of Mike, Sulley or Randy to prank their major rivals at Fear Tech. Avalanche Software worked closely with Pixar to develop the look of Fear Tech’s campus, which makes its debut in the play set. The movie comes out on my birthday so if any of you want to send me a movie ticket let me know.


EA Sports Ignite Engine Official Trailer

by Deeon 05/21/2013
Powered by the new EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, games will be alive with Human Intelligence. True Player Motion. Living Worlds. Experience the next-generation with FIFA 14, EA SPORTS UFC, Madden NFL 25 and NBA LIVE 14 on Xbox One


WIRED’s Game|Life Gives First Look On Creation of XboxOne

by Deeon 05/21/2013
Wired was lucky enough to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the creation of Xbox One. They were nice enough to share this with us, and should give a little more meat for those who can’t wait until June. XboxOne – Design: Exclusive WIRED Video   XboxOne – TV Integration: Exclusive WIRED Video […]


Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise Mode Revealed

by John Lomagaon 05/20/2013
Last year EA Sports introduced Connected Career mode and now they are taking that one step further with a renamed and revamped mode called Connected Franchise. In connected Franchise you will be tasked with managing all aspects of your team as an owner. Your weeks will be filled with things to do, from re-acting to […]


First Video Look at Splinter Cell BlackList Co-Op

by John Lomagaon 05/20/2013
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist offers two player CO OP mode with 4 mission types, 14 maps with 2 player split-screen. Play as Sam Fisher or Isaac Briggs (a CIA operative) and work as a duo : help your teammate access parts of the maps you couldn't access on your own, create your own tactics depending on your Play Style and watch each other's back as you complete missions.


First Look at the PS4 Hardware…Well Sorta

by John Lomagaon 05/20/2013
It’s no surprise that Sony released a teaser of the PS4 hardware right before #XboxReveal. Unfortunately they didn’t totally blow Microsoft out of the water with a full blown system reveal, instead we get blurry shots and tight close-ups of the Playstation 4. It looks like the console is going to have a similar overall shape to […]


Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer, Game Box Artwork & Screenshots

by VGR Staffon 05/20/2013
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment confirmed that Deathstroke will be a fully playable character in the challenge mode for Batman: Arkham Origins. Fans who pre-order the game for Xbox 360, PS3 or Windows will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack. Deathstroke will come complete with his own unique weapons and special […]