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A New Artisan Has Appeared in Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls DLC

by Jason Mon 10/25/2013
With BlizzCon coming up and the Angel of Death soon to make his appearance, Blizzard revealed the new Mystic Artisan coming to the Reaper of Souls expansion set. This magically-inclined ally is named Myriam Jahzia.  She joins your fellow artisan comrades in Sanctuary after you save her from Malthael’s forces in Westmarch.  She may not look […]


Civilization V Rolls Out New Randomized DLC Packs

by Jason Mon 10/21/2013
Last Tuesday, 2K and Firaxis Games announced that two new map packs, Scambled Continents and Scrambled Nations, would be available on October 15th and November 5th respectively for $4.99 from participating digital retailers. Whether you like your maps scrambled or sunny side up, these packs keep real geographic outline intact but randomize the interior layout […]


Be the Next Red Squadron in Star Wars MMO PvP Space Battles Expansion

by Jason Mon 10/08/2013
If Jedi lightsaber battles and blaster gunfights weren’t keeping you in Bioware’s free-to-play Star Wars: The Old Republic then maybe epic space battles might.  Bioware announced that they are adding 12 vs 12 PvP space combat in their upcoming Digital Expansion Galactic Starfighter. Finally, players can take to deep space in their own uniquely designed […]


It’s a Father-Son Affair in Guild Wars 2’s Upcoming Halloween Content

by Jason Mon 10/08/2013
It was said that Tyria had not seen a trace of the Mad King Thorn in over 250 years yet he materializes just in time for Halloween two years in a row.  Weird.  This time, however, he is making it a family scare effort. Starting on October 15th, the Guild Wars 2 team is releasing […]


Celebration of Indie Developers at IndieCade 2013

by Jason Mon 10/04/2013
In its fourth year running, IndieCade’s International Festival of Independent Games is bringing publishers and developers from all walks of the industry to embrace the indie games’ culture and success.  The festivities started yesterday October 3rd with tutorial summits, but the real focus of IndieCade kicks off tomorrow  with the actual Game Festival. The IndieCade […]