Top 10 PS4 Games…… So Far

by John Lomagaon 08/05/2014
The first year anniversary of the Playstation 4 is quickly approaching. While there are a ton of big hits on the horizon, there are some stellar titles out right now that gamers should consider for their PS4 library. In no particular order, here are 10 games you should check out: Last of Us Sony launched […]

SimCity’s Troubles and DRM Explained

by John Lomagaon 03/08/2013
It’s no secret SimCity has become one of the worst launched games ever. Possibly eclipsing the bungled Diablo 3 launch. While this has been a horror story for EA and Maxis there is a ton of incorrect information on social media and other gaming websites about DRM and always online gaming. Let me preface the rest of this post, […]


What Game Publishers Can Learn From SimCity’s Troubled Launch

by John Lomagaon 03/07/2013
SimCity isn’t the first big game with a rather rough, to say the least, launch. Other recent big titles like Diablo 3 and Star Wars the Old Republic, were also much hyped and suffered a painful first week or so on the market. With gaming shifting to an always online design model, game launches like SimCity will be […]


The Future Of: Grand Theft Auto

by Deeon 03/02/2013
Grand Theft Auto has been a true pioneer of the Sandbox genre but what does it need to keep everyone worshipping its releases?

Next Generation = New IPs?

by Deeon 02/01/2013
With the exception of maybe The Walking Dead, everything that comes out of AAA gaming seems to be a sequel of some sort.

Resident Evil 6 Screen Shot 5

The Horror Genre in a Multiplayer World

by Deeon 05/25/2012
Multiplayer has changed the gaming world forever. It was always fun to have three friends over and play split-screen in Goldeneye, but that seems like ages ago now. Multiplayer is intertwined with every piece of a game nowadays and although I love being so connected, some genres get hit hard. One of those genres is […]


5 Miscellaneous Things We Want in Guild Wars 2

by Deeon 01/23/2012
Anticipation for Guild Wars 2 keeps increasing and the community can’t stop talking about what they want to see in the game. The discussions range from just about anything in the world of Tyria, but instead of doing a list on one specific aspect of the game, we decided to make a list of five […]

Microsoft Should Focus More on Games Less on Xbox 360 TV

by John Lomagaon 10/05/2011
Back in June at their E3 Media Briefing Microsoft announced that a TV service would be coming to the Xbox 360. This addition would bring the Xbox 360 one step closer to being your sole entertainment source in your home theater. Since the announcement we haven’t heard much other then that Microsoft was working to […]


What Sony Should Have Offered in the PSN Welcome Back Package

by John Lomagaon 05/16/2011
Late this afternoon Sony announced details on what loyal PSN gamers could receive as a welcome back and thank you for staying with the system during the multi-week outage of the Playstation Network.  Unfortunately the package is more of a back-slap to gamers and game publishers than an apology. Firstly before you flame me in […]
Assassin's Creed 2x

The Future of : Action Games

by Deeon 03/02/2011
Action Games they offer great experiences, but where is the multiplayer?

Undead Header

5 Things We Want in the Zombie MMO

by Deeon 12/07/2010
There are a ton of possibilities for Undead Labs MMOZ here are the ones we would really like
Learning with Power Gig

Learning with Power Gig : Lesson Three

by Deeon 11/15/2010
Progress...it has been made.


The Future of : ESPN on the 360

by Deeon 11/14/2010
ESPN is a pretty neat feature on the Xbox 360 but they are under utilizing its potentional on a platform meant for competition.

3 Things to Advance the Xbox Kinect Experience

by Deeon 11/09/2010
Kinect is going to have to prove it is truly revolutionary and not a Wii rip off and here are three ways how.

Learning with Power Gig

Learning with Power Gig : Lesson One

by Deeon 11/03/2010
Welcome to Power Gig 101 and get to know the game that I am using to learn a skill.

Learning Guitar with Power Gig

by Deeon 10/29/2010
Come with me on a journey to learn a skill from a video game.