CES 2013: SteelSeries Introduces Apex Gaming Keyboards

by John Lomagaon 01/07/2013
To kick off CES 2013 SteelSeries unveiled the world’s fastest gaming keyboards, the SteelSeries Apex and also the Apex [RAW]. Like other SteelSeries gaming accessories the Apex keyboards are built to give you the edge in games, from their low-profile keys, and specially designed raised macros, to the plentiful customization options through the included software. The Apex […]
SteelSeries Ion Mobile Controller_Image

CES 2012: SteelSeries Shows off New Controller, Headsets and Mice

by John Lomagaon 01/10/2012
SteelSeries has announced a handful of new gaming peripherals at CES out in Las Vegas. The neatest of the bunch though has to be the SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller. The Ion Wireless Controller is a small controller that you can use with your PC games or even mobile phone and tablet games. The controller is roughly […]


CES 2012: AT&T Announced PS Vita Data Plans

by John Lomagaon 01/09/2012
AT&T Wireless is kicking off CES 2012 by showing a slew of new devices, but they and SCEA also slipped in details of the data plans gamers will be able to purchase to use with their 3G/WiFi PS Vita come next month. There will be two plans available, for $14.99 a month you get a measly 250MB of […]


Full House Poker for XBLA Announced at CES 2011

by Davidon 01/09/2011
To round out the CES announcement Microsoft officially announced what can be called the successor to 1 vs. 100, Full House Poker.  Gamers will be able to jump into Full House Poker as their avatars and play against friends or other Xbox Live gamers.  Gamers will be able to play in a handful of different […]

EA Mobile and Verizon Announce Rock Band for 4G Android Phones

by John Lomagaon 01/07/2011
Tonight at CES Verizon and EA Mobile announced a joint venture that will bring Rock Band to select Android phones later this year.  Gamers will be able to rock out over Verizon’s 4G LTE network with friends playing 20 songs.  There will be multiple modes such as Quickplay for quick games, or Tour Mode for […]


2011 Xbox Live Arcade House Party Announced

by Andyon 01/06/2011
At CES 2011yesterday Microsoft announced they are bring back the Xbox Live Arcade House Party. Starting with Hard Corps: Uprising on February 16th there will be five highly anticipated release in a row. We don’t know the order but the line up includes Full House Poker, Bejeweled Blitz Live, Beyond Good & Evil HD and […]


Avatar Kinect Announced at CES

by John Lomagaon 01/06/2011
Besides the unleashing all there milestone sales stats Microsoft also announced Avatar Kinect.  While they didn’t go into much detail Avatar Kinect will allow you to hang out with friends and socialize and if you look at the screenshots below host the news?  But the interesting tidbit is that with the rollout of Avatar Kinect, […]

8 Million Kinect Units Sold

by Davidon 01/06/2011
TOnight during their CES 2011 keynote Microsoft announced that in 60 days they sold 8 million Kinect sensors worldwide.  They also announced two other milestone stats, first Xbox Live has broken 30 million subscribers and total Xbox 360 units sold broke 50 million worldwide.  And one last jab at the competition Steve Ballmer said the […]


Turtle Beach Announces New Headsets at CES

by John Lomagaon 01/04/2011
CES is kicking off in Las Vegas and Turtle Beach has announced it’s latest line of headsets for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers.  There are 3 new headsets featuring things like wireless connections, and Dolby Surround Sound.  Below is the info on each headset. Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless Surround Sound Headset The PX5 […]

OnLive Coming to Vizio TVs

by Andyon 01/04/2011
At CES today OnLive, and Vizio announced that they plan to integrate the OnLive Game Service directly into Vizio HDTVs. Gamers will be available for instant play with no console, discs or downloads required. Games will be available at up to full 1080p HDTV in 3D with 5.1 surround sound. OnLive game compatibility will also […]


3D TV and Gaming Is It The Future?

by John Lomagaon 01/26/2010
At this years CES all the buzz revolved around 3D TV.  Many CE companies from Sony, Samsung to Vizio announced 3D Tv plans.  And service providers like Direct TV and networks like ESPN announced plans to launch 3D TV channels int he next 12 months.  We have witnessed 3D cinema explode recently with the smash […]

Game Room Details and Pricing

by John Lomagaon 01/07/2010
Last night Microsoft announced during its CES Keynote the upcoming release of Game Room for the Xbox 360.  Game Room will bring some nostalgia to the Xbox 360 and give gamers even more social interaction.  Today we bring you some of the details including pricing for Game Room. Game Room will be available for both […]

CES 2010 Microsoft and Sony Keynote Recap

by John Lomagaon 01/07/2010
Well both Sony and Microsoft have concluded their respective Keynotes to kick off CES 2010.  While CES isn’t a gaming centric convention both companies did touch on their respective consoles, with Microsoft focusing a little more to gaming then Sony.  Both companies touted numbers and figures amongst other juicy tidbits, here is a quick recap […]

Project Natal 2010 Release Date Now Confirmed

by John Lomagaon 01/06/2010
**Update: During the CES 2010 Keynote it was confirmed that Project Natal will be released for Holiday 2010. In a leaked interview prior to their CES Keynote Robbie Bach head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Device is asked about Xbox and whats in store for 2010. Bach then mentions that he expects 2010 to be their […]