Massive Number of PUBG Players Hit With Game Ban

by Johnon June 16, 2018
For many PUBG, PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, players Saturday has turned into a BAN bloodbath. About 30-45 minutes ago a rash of game bans went out to a large number of gamers, my podcast partner Geoff included. Looking at the Steam forums and Reddit this issue has hit many players with varying in-game records and really seems […]

E3 2018: PUBG Updates Coming Soon

by Johnon June 14, 2018
While Epic is pulling out all the stops on the show floor with Fortnite, PUBG had the sizeable announcement on what we can expect this year from PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS. Not only is Sanhok (aka Savage) map coming to PC and Xbox this Summer, but so is War Mode. And to end the year we will […]

PUBG PC Update #12 Patch Notes

by Johnon April 27, 2018
We were warned that a major update including weapon re-balancing was coming soon. Today Bluehole released the patch notes for PC update #12. There are major changes to AR weapon damage and recoil, and for you sniping fans 8x scopes can no longer be put in ARs, but don’t worry there are some new attachments […]

Call of Duty and Battlefield Battle Royale Modes in The Works

by Johnon April 19, 2018
A mere 24 hours ago on our latest podcast episode, Geoff and myself sorta joked about other games getting into the Battle Royale scene soon with E3 right around the corner. Well the internet has been a buzz today with what appears to be these prophecies of ours as actually being true. Up first is […]

PUBG PC 1.0 Update #8 Notes

by Johnon April 1, 2018
BlueHole has dropped the latest PUBG update for PC gamers, some highlights are as follows: Players can select skins for each weapon Weapon skin system UI New free/paid weapon skin crates are added View full notes for crate drop rates Full Release Notes