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GTAV Heists 11

GTA V Online Heists Coming March 10th, PC Release April 14th

by John Lomagaon 02/24/2015
Some decent news coming out of Rockstar Games today. The highly anticipated GTA Online Heists mode will be hitting consoles on March 10th and the PC release of GTA V will hit the PC on April 10th. Heists will bring a brand new 4-player cooperative gameplay experience to GTA Online, giving players the chance to […]

Just Cause 3 Teaser Trailer

by John Lomagaon 02/13/2015
Later this year Rico Rodriguez make his return in Just Cause 3. This is the first teaser trailer title “Firestarter” from Avalanche Games and Square Enix. Expect more information on Just Cause 3 this June during E3.

Hitman Agent 47 Movie Trailer

by John Lomagaon 02/12/2015
The latest gaming franchise making the jump to the big screen is Hitman. Hitman Agent 47 stars Homeland’s Rupert Friend as Agent 47 an elite hitman who has been genetically modified to be the most lethal killing machine out there. Hitman Agent 47 hit’s theaters August 28, 2015.


Layoffs Hit Daybreak Games Formerly Sony Online Entertainment

by John Lomagaon 02/11/2015
It didn’t take long but the inevitable has happened, less than a month after getting acquired by Columbus Nova investment management, Daybreak Games has suffered massive layoffs at both of it’s San Diego and San Antonio studios. The studio formerly known as Sony Online ENtertainment was sold by Sony less than a month ago as […]

Netflix Working on Legend of Zelda TV Show

by John Lomagaon 02/06/2015
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Netflix and Nintendo are partnering to bring The Legend of Zelda to the streaming service as a live action show. The rumor is Netflix is in early stages of developing the show, which is said to be a family friendly Game of Thrones type show. Allegedly Netflix is currently […]


Dying Light Review

by John Lomagaon 02/04/2015
Lace up your running shoes, it’s time to head to another tropical locale and fight off zombies and other creatures that hunt during the night. Dying Light is the latest zombie adventure game from Techland, the creators of the Dead Island series. Many of Dead Island’s mechanics, concepts and even some faults have made the […]


Spotify Headed To Playstation

by John Lomagaon 01/28/2015
Today Sony announced that they have teamed up with Spotify to bring the streaming music service to Playstation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. The service will be called Playstation Music and will require users to be premium Spotify subscribers to use. Spotify plans to tie the service into PSN in many ways, including linking […]

Kerbal Space Program Set to Leave Beta and Steam Early Access

by John Lomagaon 01/23/2015
After 4 years of solid development the team at Squad has revealed that the next update to their hit space exploration game Kerbal Space Program will take the game out of beta and to full release. This also means that the game will leave Steam Early Access and be available as a fully released game. […]

H1Z1 Gameplay Video Stream

by John Lomagaon 01/23/2015
H1Z1 is the latest zombie survival game to hit Steam Early Access. Sony Online Entertainment has set out to create the ultimate post zombie apocalypse world with H1Z1, and so far they are off to a very amazing start. Enjoy this replay of our recent Twitch stream of the game.
EA SPORTS UFC - Holly Holm

EA Sports UFC Adds New Fighters in Last Major Update

by John Lomagaon 01/21/2015
Today EA Sports is releasing the latest content update for EA Sports UFC. This update brings 4 additional fighters to the game. Unfortunately this is the last major content update for the game as the team at EA Sports will be shifting focus to the “future”, or in other words the next iteration of EA […]


Online Game Launches Need Better Initial Support

by John Lomagaon 01/16/2015
I feel like a broken record these days, but the fact is more and more video games have relied on online components then ever before. Not only MMO’s and strictly online only games but even games like SimCity, and major console releases like Watch_Dogs, GTAV and Halo have a large focus on online play. The latest […]

Xbox One Breaks Sales Records To End 2014

by John Lomagaon 01/16/2015
Microsoft finished 2014 very strong with the Xbox One being the number one console sold in the United States for both November and December. The Xbox One did so well that it was actually selling 50% more units each week these months the the Xbox 360 did at the same time in it’s life cycle. […]


Xbox Live and PSN Plagued By X-Mas Outage

by John Lomagaon 12/26/2014
Both Xbox Live and PSN have been having a horrible Christmas. Both services were brought down by the influx of new owners and a planned DDOS attack by the normal groups of script kiddies. While the Xbox Live outage lasted most of Christmas day the service is back and functioning fairly well. However Sony’s PSN […]

Win a Copy of Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below for Xbox One

by John Lomagaon 12/09/2014
Today Bungie launched the first DLC expansion for Destiny and we have a code to giveaway to one luck Xbox One gamer. Enter below for your chance to win Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below for Xbox One a Rafflecopter giveaway

15 Minutes of Uncharted 4 Gameplay

by John Lomagaon 12/06/2014
Today during the PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog unveiled 15+ minutes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay. Enjoy this wonderful video showcasing the games amazing visuals and always enjoyable gameplay.

Watch The Game Awards Live

by John Lomagaon 12/05/2014
This years The Game Awards just started, watch which game’s take home the awards and some previews of game’s coming out soon.