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Bungie Has Closed The Destiny Loot Cave

by John Lomagaon 09/25/2014
Some sad news coming to Destiny gamers today, Bungie has closed the Loot caves around Destiny. The caves are still there but the respawn timers of various caves have been drastically increased, from 6-20 seconds to 40+ seconds. So now you’ll actually have to go out and earn your gear. For those of you that […]

Destiny Review

by John Lomagaon 09/24/2014
After many years of waiting Bungie and Activision have finally unleashed Destiny. Gamers will set out on an epic adventure based in a future universe where mankind has taken to space and left the confines of Earth. As a guardian you are set to protect the planets from invading alien forces. Destiny is an MMO […]

New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Shows Off Co-op

by John Lomagaon 09/24/2014
In the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advance Warfare we get a first look at a new game mode called Exo Survival So-op. In this mode gamers will face off against waves of relentless enemies, from ground soldiers, to drones and mechs. COD: Advance Warfare is due out in November.


Batman: Arkham Knight Rises June 2015

by John Lomagaon 09/08/2014
Today it was revealed that the Dark Knight will ride again on june 2nd 2015, in Batman: Arkham Knight. The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Also revealed today are 2 collector editions of the game which are detailed below: Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition will include: ·         Custom Art Book […]

Lizard Squad Takes Down Twitch, And Others

by John Lomagaon 08/26/2014
Have you been having trouble lately accessing many of your favorite video game services or websites? Well that is because a group of hackers have been waging war on pretty much everyone from Blizzard to Sony. So far PSN, World of Warcraft, Xbox Live for a few minutes and now Twitch have fallen victim to […]


The Golf Club Launches on PS4

by John Lomagaon 08/26/2014
PS4 gamers don’t have to wait any longer for HB Studios golf simulator, The Golf Club. Log into the Playstation 4 and you can pick up The Golf Club and you can start hitting the links or start designing the course of your dreams. For our full review of The Golf Club head over here. The […]

Lunchtime Gaming: Madden NFL 15 MUT Challenges *Replay*

by John Lomagaon 08/26/2014
If you missed our lunchtime Gaming of Madden NFL 15 you can now watch it on demand! In this video a full game of Madden NFL 15, Madden Ultimate Team Training Solo Challenge is played.

The Golf Club Review

by John Lomagaon 08/23/2014
For many years there has been one golf game that has dominated gamer’s consoles, and while we have had some solid and enjoyable golf outings there has never been a golf video game that attempted to be a true simulator. In steps HB Studios with The Golf Club. The Golf Club offers gamers a solid simulation experience, […]


Are Xbox Live Gold Members Getting Free Game Trials??

by John Lomagaon 08/21/2014
The short answer, pretty likely. This morning a sharp eyed/lucky redditor stumbled across a possible new Xbox Live Gold perk, “Free Play Day with Gold”. As this member was checking out the latest Games with Gold offers, they noticed that Max and the Curse of The Brotherhood came up on their screen with the new free […]

Xbox One September Dashboard Preview Video

by John Lomagaon 08/20/2014
I’m back once again for another Xbox One Dashboard update preview, this time it’s the 1409 or September update. There are some big changes coming to the Xbox One in September the biggest being the new Media player allowing you to stream various media from your PC or from a USB stick. Other changes include, […]

Initial Impressions & Video Walk-Through of The Golf Game

by John Lomagaon 08/20/2014
Yesterday The Golf Game hit Xbox One and PC. The Golf Game is a golf simulator where gamers are challenged every time they hit the green. With a major focus on user created course and tournaments every golf outing can be a new experience as the number of courses to play on are pretty much […]
GTA_Online_Flight School _11

Take to the Air in GTA Online Flight School Update

by John Lomagaon 08/19/2014
Today Rockstar Games released the latest GTA Online update called, San Andreas Flight School. Obviously this update focuses on air vehicles and air events. Gamers will be able to take to the air in new helicopters and jets, and test their skills in some new air based events. Here is a full list of new […]

It’s Madden Season

by John Lomagaon 08/15/2014
Madden season is here and the launch of Madden NFL 15 is right around the corner, launching 8/26. See how Kevin Hart and Dave Franco are kicking off Madden Season. Pre-Order Madden NFL 15 Now:

12 Minutes of Battlefield: Hardline Singleplayer

by John Lomagaon 08/13/2014
In this 12 minute gameplay video for Battlefield: Hardline, Ian Miller, Visceral Games Creative Director shows off the franchise’s new style of storytelling. The gameplay appears to have a lot more action game elements to it then the run and gun FPS actions of Battlefield game’s of past. Battlefield: Hardline is due out in 2015. Pre-Order Battlefield: Hardline today:


Rise of The Tomb Raider Is Now Xbox Exclusive

by John Lomagaon 08/12/2014
In a surprise announcement today at Gamescom it was revealed that Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft have partnered for next year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider. Announced in June at E3 we now know that Lara Croft’s next adventure will be exclusive to Xbox. On the official Tomb Raider Tumblr Blog Darrell Gallagher, Crystal Dynamics Head of Studios […]

Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta First Look

by John Lomagaon 08/12/2014
Halo 5: Guardians isn’t due out until next year but to finish off 2014 gamers will be able to jump into the Halo 5: Guardians beta for a full 3 weeks. Gamers will be able to play 4v4 play on 7 different maps with a handful of various weapons being developed for the final game.