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Top 7 Video Games That Deserve Sequels

by on 09/14/2013

There are a lot of great games out there that never see sequels, and then you get the franchise that are just drilled into the ground. Here are a bunch of classic games that should get new sequels.


It’s been awhile since 2K games released Mafia 2. And lets face it mob movies, tv, and games never get old. And even though EA gave the mob thing a try with the Godfather titles, 2K gave us a much more enjoyable and bigger experience. Just think of all the cool connected always living gameplay features we could get on next-gen consoles. Play in an open world where you and your friends are either in the same or rival family. Oh the possibilities!


This was one of my favorites on the Xbox 360. A different title from the normal Tom Clancy shooters. Barking out orders to your units and out smarting your foes was always a blast. Now with games pushing into a dual screen experience coupling Kinect voice, and Smartglass with Endwar would be sick.

Ecco The Dolphin

Oh how I spent many hours of my childhood playing Ecco on my SEGA Genesis. I just want to see the little guy make a splash in stunning HD. I’m sure with the power of next-gen an under water world could really give us some good eye candy. Plus I’m sure the kids would just love the little guy.

DJ Hero

God do I miss spinning the beats. And with electronic dance music being pretty hot these days, I’m surprised someone hasn’t picked up the DJ Hero name and brought us a new version. I understand how Activision just beat the music genre like a dead horse, but perhaps after another year or two it might be time for a renaissance. I need some new beats!

 Red Dead Redemption

It’s not that old of a game, but lets face it Rockstar Games did a phenomenal job capturing the wild west. And the Zombie themed DLC was great. I could get lost wondering the world for hours. This is a franchise that deserves more down the road.

24 The Game

The game might have sucked but it had potential. the 24 TV show truly lends itself to video game treatment. And using a video game to bridge events between the shows season. But the game just failed on a technical standpoint, it just wasn’t a good game to play. Now that the show is being rebooted maybe it’s time to see what exactly Jack Bauer has been doing since we last saw him.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

I won’t lie it’s one of my favorite sim titles. And with the power of PC’s these days and even consoles it’s time to build a new theme park. The game was a blast to play but it was never a really great looking game. But it’s not just awesome graphics I want, theme parks are more then just the rides these days, they are worlds in their own that include hotels and other accommodations. I want to build a virtual Disney World. It’s time for a new bigger and more in-depth Roller Coaster Tycoon game.

So these are just a few games I’d like to see get the sequel treatment, what about you? Leave us your suggestions and sequel desires in the comments.

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