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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Preview

by on 07/16/2013

I didn’t know what to expect initially when I fired up The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. I’ve seen a handful of trailers that focused more on the humor of the game rather than what you actually did. For some reason I felt compelled to check it out though and I am really glad I did.

Ubisoft has created a free-to-play dungeon crawler that has brought a competitive aspect that is absent in this genre. Players will choose between a warrior, ranger, or mage. They will kill monsters for experience and loot, they will level up their character, and they will become stronger and stronger. Pretty standard format for this type of kind, fortunately that is just the beginning of what this game truly is.

Mighty-Quest-CyclopsIn this game you are not slogging through dungeons that take you two hours to get through, nor are you grinding your ass off just so you are strong enough to take on the next area. Instead you are going through castles that take you an average of three minutes to get through. These castles float in several different regions separated by difficulty level and you simply choose a castle, get a briefing on the difficulty and rewards for completing it, and jump into it. Each of these castles have a time limit associated with them and if you beat it under a certain time two additional treasure chests await you.

Ubisoft put together castles that will guide you from one region to the next and to unlock the next region you must defeat their main castle that has a pretty neat boss fight. That being said the majority of castles in each region are user-created. Yes, that’s right the other half of this game is creating your own castle and defending it.

Players get to create the layout of their castle and place enemies/traps wherever you’d like. How difficult or tricky it is to get around is completely up to you. As you play you earn a second form of currency called Life Force points that allow you to purchase new monsters/traps, upgrade monsters/traps, buy new rooms to attach to your castle, and more.

Your castle is your base of operations. You have a hero trainer (levels up character), a blacksmith (allows you to purchase weapons/armor), a potion brewery (create potions/boosts), a research lab (upgrades monsters in castle), a summoning portal (creates monsters to place in castle), and an architect’s office (builds rooms and machinery). All of these components are upgradeable and allow you to unlock more stuff to deck out and fortify your castle.

Mighty-Quest-Castle-CreationDefending your castle isn’t just for fun though. Other players will enter your castle in hopes of killing your defenses and stealing gold/life force points. Obviously there are restrictions so you don’t just keep getting spammed and raped of resources, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lose 800 gold/life force points from some random player who adventured into your unprotected castle.

Luckily The Mighty Quest keeps a log of all the actions to your castle. You can see who tried to attack your castle, you can see if they succeeded, and you can see how much they looted from you. The best part is that you can even watch the replay. It is satisfying to watch the people who tried to steal from me get destroyed by my spring-boarded trap floor as it catapults them into an ogre. It is also extremely helpful to watch how these people thwart your defenses so you can fine tune them and make it harder to beat.

Mighty-Quest-LogIt is a lot of fun to log in every day and see who attacked your castle. You get to even pickup gold off the gravestones left by these adventurers who attacked you. Pair that with the fact you can create mines in your castle to earn gold/life force points while you are offline, you can login every day just to collect your resources and laugh at these failures.

I almost forgot to mention that Ubisoft has even offered a very nice button next to “Replay” that allows you to take revenge and attack that persons castle.

The currency “Blings” is the only form of microtransactions in the game. They are earned through beating challenges or buy purchasing them. They do stuff like allowing you to finish under construction elements to your castle or allow you to purchase things like monsters/items you have available instead of using gold/life force points. It is a lot less intrusive than I first thought it would be, although the only way to purchase additional workers i.e. to build more than one thing at a time at your castle, is with these points. After the third upgrade to give yourself four workers, the amount it costs for an additional worker is way more than you will earn through challenges.

Mighty-Quest-Castle-SelectionOther than that Ubisoft has done a fantastic job at making this type of game that you would only find tied to a deep RPG world. They have streamlined the same addictive gameplay, made it competitive and removed the tedious repetitiveness.

I hope at some point to see things like tournaments, clans, and more than anything even the addition of two player co-op. Having two player crawls will be a lot of fun and combine that with building a castle together, it would be a neat addition. I am a hardcore co-operative gamer though, so I will always fight for it to be added.

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