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The Best of E3 2013

by on 06/20/2013

Every year E3 is jammed packed with the latest video games. We won’t lie but it’s really hard to pick out one single BEST GAME of E3. There are lots of great titles shown and so we have decided in no particular order to give you our picks for the Best of E3 2013. You should pretty much pre-order everything on this list.

 Tom Clancy’s The Division

I’m a big post apocalypse fan and a big Tom Clancy fan. The Division was a surprise from Ubisoft, while those who have played Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six etc will notice some similarities in the gameplay, it’s the next-gen features that make this game shine. The always online aspect allowing friends to drop in and out of your game is nice but what is really awesome is how a friend can fire up the tablet app and play as a support drone in your game. And then you have the amazing visuals, the individual bullet damage, the fact that shooting a windows doesn’t mean they shatter the same exact way always after the first bullet. We look forward to seeing more of The Division and really interested in seeing how they develop this post virus outbreak story.


This was our smash hit of last E3 and this year we finally got a taste of the drop-in multiplayer. As you hack across Chicago you’ll never know what other hackers are lying in wait right around the corner. Drop into someone’s world hack them and then see if they can find you. What’s really cool is the hiding techniques you’ll have at your disposal. Simple sitting around a corner or the more sinister hiding out in a parked car. The always connected world is gonna be interesting.

Forza Motorsports 5

The crown jewel of Xbox racing is back for another go round. This time the team at Turn 10 is bringing a super connected game. Everything you do in the game is tracked and alters your “Drivertar” And when you aren’t playing your “Drivertar” takes over to keep racing against your friends. The game also sports new stunning visuals thanks to the extra power of the Xbox One, plus I’m sure there are a bunch of other surprises before it’s launch in November.

Ryse: Son of Rome

After being teased for years and actually starting as a Kinect only game, Ryse is finally going to see the light of day. This Roman Gladiator era title puts you in charge of the Roman army. With lots of action and what could be some interesting fighting, Ryse will feed your desire for blood and carnage.

Need For Speed: Rivals

Another racing title, and another highly connected game. EA is bring NFS fully online, players will be able to be the racers or the cops and you’ll be able to pop in and out of games. Breaking out fo the normal lobby and wait racing, you’ll be able to speed around the open world and actively engage objectives. A big theme of E3 was connected play and NFS: Rivals will live up to that theme.

Dead Rising 3

It’s time for another zombie invasion, but this time we’ll break outside the confines of malls. This new open world zombie slasher will certainly impress fans of the series. Just think of all the carnage you’ll face when traveling a west coast zombie infested city. The game looked amazing and there will be lots of action and tools for zombie destruction.

Batman Arkham Origins

Bruce Wayne is back but this time he is youthful and deadly. With a whole new bag of detective tricks and new gadgets to eliminate the bad guys with, fans of the series will feel right at home, even with a new development team behind the game. All the same combat you have grown to love is intact and the new aspects of the game will surely be well received by gamers. Zipping around Gotham in a cape never gets old.

Project Spark

A game that allows you to create almost any game you can imagine, completely free, and encourages the sharing of creations or even the AI you created. Count me in, a game that has slowly been garnering support from all media outlets during E3, could make a huge splash as it gets close to beta. From what we saw on the show floor they recreated hits like Limbo, Geometry Wars Evolved, Fez, Pac Man, A turn-based combat game (Final Fantasy), and those were just recreations, it doesn’t appear any genre is off the table, and I can’t wait to see people’s creativity unleashed.

The Witcher III

CD Projekt Red is about to put themselves in a league of their own after this title. I was blown away by the world and story from The Witcher II, after seeing it in action at E3, nothing even comes close to it in terms of quality or the experience it is offering. They have guaranteed over 100 hours of gameplay and a world that will take you over 30+ minutes to cross on horseback if you traveled nonstop. With the new generation allowing them to send a spike into the heart of gaming, this could make them a huge heavy hitter and cause a huge hype machine to build around CyberPunk 2077.

 Oculus Rift

Going into E3 I thought Oculus was working on a mere gimmick another dust collector for gamers. But after sitting down in CCP’s EVR and going for a virtual space flight, I was sold. Oculus Rift has so much potential in simulation games like racing and flight sims, and First person Shooters might be good candidates as well but might need some tweaking. Needless to say I expect Oculus power virtual Reality to be coming to our living rooms sooner than later.

Notable Mentions

Next Gen EA Sports – We didn’t get to see any games in action besides tech demos, but what we saw is very promising. EA Sports is ready to tackle Next-Gen in big ways.

Mad Max


The Evil Within


Call of Duty: Ghost


Metal Gear Solid: V

World of Tanks Xbox Edition

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