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E3 2013: Forza 5 Hands-On impressions

by on 06/13/2013

Turn 10 is hitting the track and bringing their highly rated racing franchise Forza Motorsports to the Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5. With FM 5 gamers will get one of the most visually stunning and also tactically stunning racing titles yet.

With Forza Motorsports 5 and the power of the Xbox One the development team has been able to add amazing visual flair to the game that they haven’t been able to in versions past. From the awesome reflection on your windshield to the blinding light as you drive head on into the sun. Then you have the car wear and damage, after a race you’ll see every bit of rubber on your front end and all the scrapes or broken body pieces from the race. Car models have been stellar for many years but now all this flare really give you a visually realistic experience.

The next big change gamers will notice is the new Xbox One controller rumble feedback. Not only have the normal rumble motors been improved to give a more varied rumble depending on track surfaces, but the inclusion of trigger feedback is so awesome. Locking up your brakes will cause the left trigger to rumble from the ABS activation just like in real life. You’ll also feel the vibrations of the road in the right trigger as you fly through the turns. I thought the new rumble would be a big gimmick but even after the little time I spent with Forza Motorsports 5 and the new Xbox One Controller, I must say the next few months will be painful playing with the current Xbox 360 controller.

Forza Motorsport 5 is a solid launch title for the Xbox One and a must for all racing fans. All the new additions in visuals, controls, plus things like “Driveatar” are going to give racing gamers a brand new experience later this year.

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