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E3 2013: Payday 2 Hands-On Impressions

by on 06/13/2013

Overkill software is back with 505 Games to publish Payday 2. The sequel to their popular bank robbing title, that puts you and three friends in the shoes of criminals that will do anything to get away with the score. This time around you will also be able to play it on the Xbox 360 in addition to the PC and PS3.

Today we were able to see the improvements made outside of the actual robberies, as well as what is in store for you and your friends as they walk into a variety of illegal scenarios.

It is easy to notice right away that this game is much more in-depth with RPG elements than their first title and they do it in all the right places. With four different character classes based on the approach you want to take with the mastermind, enforcer, ghost, and technician, you are able to unlock skills that range all over the place, minor things like taking more damage or major things like causing stockholm syndrome and having hostages heal you. You are then able to purchase and customize weapons that will alter the stats, all of this is tied to the money you earn on heists. Making it actually useful in this game. Needless to say mask creation is a lot of fun in this game and you can really make yourself unique.


In our playthrough we were set to rob a bank…shocker, and the main target was the gold bars in the vault. I was slightly unfamiliar with what we were getting into and as I entered the bank, I didn’t realize my assault rifle that I customized a little bit was a little too hard to conceal. In mere moments the security guard became nervous and the jig was up. I busted out a pistol and murdered him and his partner.

The alarm was then triggered and I started tying up hostages. My partner came in shortly after already aware that I blew the mission wide open. Overkill told us you could actually do a lot more before all hell breaking loose this time around, unfortunately I Reservoir Dogged us pretty quickly.

Out of fear we start drilling open what we assumed to be the vault, police officers kept trying to swarm us and we kept mowing them down. Dead bodies are flooding the streets and as the door finally opens 7 minutes later, we realize that all I did was open the door to the security room and was greeted to a scared guard with a shotgun. There was nothing in this room but shattered dreams and wasted time.

We then realized the huge stereotypical vault door and as two other players joined us, we began a real standoff as the drill started doing its work. Already low on ammo from the 20+ cops I just murdered, the situation started getting real. Tear gas, flash bangs, riot shields, and overwhelming man power made it a real fiasco.


Through all of this though I managed to stumble down the street to the getaway van with an empty pistol after dispelling my remaining rounds into a crowd of pissed off officers. It wasn’t pretty by no means, but damn it I got results. Although I did kill two hostages in the midst of the gunfire and lost $20,000 to pay a cleaner for my accuracy.

This was easily one of my favorite experiences at E3 this year and I can see a lot of fun moments playing this with friends. There is a lot of promise in this sequel and I think fans of the first one will have nothing but praise.

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