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E3 2013: Mad Max Eyes On Impressions

by on 06/16/2013

Avalanche Studios is back with a new open world action game, unfortunately they aren’t heading back to Just Cause, instead they are hitting the world of the legendary Mad Max. Fans of Just Cause will feel right at home in this new huge open world. You’ll be zipping around the landscape in your iconic car taking on baddies both behind the wheel and with your fists and weapons.

Unlike Just Cause, in Mad Max there is a much bigger focus on your car, racing, and vehicular mayhem. As you progress you will be able to upgrade and customize your car. But everything you do to your car has advantages and disadvantages and you might find yourself changing out parts often to fit the mission you are on. Sometimes you’ll need a reinforced heavy armor car to break down gates, but doing so kills the handling and speed. Other times you’ll want speed, so you’ll have upgraded engine and tires but maybe light armor to keep you nimble. Luckily your sidekick is a mechanic and at least in our demo was able to customize the car pretty much on the fly.

The combat, the shooting the exploration all bleed Just Cause. Even the world map will look and act in a familiar way, you’ll unlock various regions and then be able to explore. Missions are varied and a lot of time will be spent exploring for parts, fuel and weapons.


The game’s visuals will also impress. Things like the crazy amount of dust and dirty you’ll throw up, or when you harpoon another car and small it into something and see all the parts shatter and fly all over. The world might be bland, dark and post-apocalyptic but the action and explosions bring the visual pop.

I won’t lie I was really looking forward to Just Cause 3, but with some awesome racing and the same over the top action Mad Max will be a great fix until Rico soars again.

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