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E3 2013: Lords of the Fallen Impressions

by on 06/13/2013

RPG fans need to get excited for a new experience coming to Xbox One and PS4, an RPG title that doesn’t come from the major studios that we’ve grown to expect. City Interactive Games is bringing us a new game called Lords of the Fallen and it is bringing challenging/strategic gameplay combined with beautiful graphics. Yes, the game isn’t even in alpha phase and it looked better than almost anything I have seen from this generation.

CI Games is staying tight-lipped about the world and the possibilities of multiplayer, but they did give us a great look at their vision for this game.

As the demo began we chose from three different character types. You could either be a rouge, a warrior, or a cleric. The rouge is a fast striker who focuses on hitting and evading, the warrior is a tank and focuses more on taking a beating, and the cleric offers high damage dealing with low armor.

Unlike most games with these classes, your play style should dictate your choice.I say that because where this game really impresses is in the combat. You aren’t going to cut through thousands of goblins to fight a boss, instead every fight is a boss fight. The focus of combat is almost like a duel system, you will mostly fight 1 versus 1. You will be punished for button mashing and rewarded for figuring out patterns and learning when exactly to strike. There will be instances where you will take on maybe 2 or 3 enemies at a time, but CI made it clear that although you can win these fights, they offer a much different challenge.


In the playthrough we watched as he would evade attacks and land critical strikes as a rouge, never getting too greedy. He even showed us that when you are fighting boss-type enemies that their combat will change during the fight, forcing you to adjust on the fly or face the consequences.

CI told us they were inspired by a lot of games including Dark Souls. They feel like they are offering an experience similar to that in the combat, but with slightly less frustration and more focus on the story of the main character.

As they progressed in the demo we watched as he fought only a handful of enemies but the encounters feeling much more gratifying. The attribute system that showed up after level-ups didn’t seem too different from a typical RPG, but when your movement, stamina, strength are easily noticeable when you fight, it makes you think a lot harder than you would in most games about where to distribute points.


The other feature of the game they were really proud of was the hidden puzzles that will be in the game. Throughout our playthrough he mentioned how there are secrets hidden around on the level, almost like you would find in other action games – i.e. walk into a room and turn around immediately to see what is behind you. The secrets you find in this though tell a story, and if you are smart enough to follow along and pay attention to your surroundings you could finish quests with rare weapons. The best part of this is that these aren’t super obvious hidden gems for you to find, they take a little brain teasing and make it very cool to actually solve.

CI Games looks to have a possible hit on their hands that will greet gamers in the next generation. It is the perfect time for new IPs to come out of hiding and after two years of work and finally getting the chance to reveal it to the world, these guys have all right to be excited. It is visually stunning already and if they end up making this co-op or something, they will have my money regardless.

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