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E3 2013: Call of Duty: Ghosts Impressions

by on 06/12/2013

We have all seen the amazing videos of Call of Duty: Ghost, but I must say they don’t do the game justice. Seeing the game in person is an entire new experience. Seeing the tech and hearing about the real world details that the team is adding to the game is amazing. Many have made a joke of the addition of a Navy Seal Service Dog but the fact is the dogs are used in the real world and the team has included real world tech that the Seals use.

To begin with lets talk about the tech. The game looks more amazing than ever thanks to the new game engine and power of next-generation systems. Instead of flat textures things like rocks will have real depth which is rendered in real-time. Plus there is a system called Sub-D which when the environment or items on-screen are moved closer to the gamers view they maintain their fidelity by duplicating polygons. Apparently this tech has been used by PIXAR and Hollywood for years but is finally being brought into real-time rendering of videogames.The details of the environment really brings the game to life-like we have never seen before in a Call of Duty title.

Now as far as the game goes we saw the same demo we have seen all week on the internet. First we take a trek through a destroyed California with our trusty service dog. Like a real life Navy Seal we can command our dog to move through the environment and distract or attack targets. The dog will play an important role and have the ability to act as an aggressive force or a distraction tool. However like other side elements in past COD games the times you use Riley are very scripted, barking fires off a scripted targeted shoot from your team-mate. The dog’s actions don’t seem to be as freely available as when you had access to drones in Black Ops 2. Needless to say having a dog is a neat addition and gives you a new view of the battlefield. It will be interesting to see how Riley is used in other parts of the game and if he will be available in multiplayer.

Beyond the amazing visuals and new partner, Call of Duty: Ghost really has the feeling of story depth. Recent titles of the franchise have been always more action focused with big explosions and lots of bullets flying. Ghost appears to be more story focused and will pull at gamers emotions more than we have experienced in the past. Having writer Stephen Gaghan attached to the game is going to be a big plus for the storyline. Gaghan has written such hits as Traffic and Syriana, both of which were deep story driven films.

There is still a ton to be seen of Call of Duty: Ghost but as far as the technology driving the game and the career mode goes, I’m very impressed. I’m looking forward to see what the team has in-store for us in the multiplayer department.

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