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Deadpool Review: The Game with the Mouth

by on 06/27/2013

A misogynistic game that does nothing but attacks women and damages the progress made in society are exactly the words you would hear from an annoying person who reads too much into video games and thinks that “blogging” about it will make them sort of savior to morals. Well, I am not one of those people so you’re welcome.

Deadpool is offensive, sadistic, insane, talented, and hilarious – I am referring to the character. You should be well aware of what you are getting into when you pick up a copy of his game, based on that alone. If Spiderman 1 on the original Xbox and Wolverine’s Revenge on the Xbox 360 had a baby, and that baby did 10 hits of acid, and then decided to make a game of its life, that is what the Deadpool game would be.

In Deadpool, you spend your time fighting through the game that the developers at High Moon Studios put together. I am not stating the obvious, Deadpool who breaks the “Fourth Wall” regularly, knows he is playing his video game so he follows the script in a half-assed manner. You come across other Marvel characters like Wolverine, Rogue, Death, Domino, Cable, and more. All of them play a part in helping you defeat Mister Sinister the main villain of this adventure.

Playing like a classic action game where groups of enemies come at you, and the occasional special boss-type enemy, you will slash/shoot your way through them all. Performing button combos, shooting guns, and throwing projectiles will aid you in your attempt to reach the end of the game. The game also features a player customization section where you can purchase three different melee weapons, four different guns, and four different projectile weapons. All of these even have unique kill animations that are entertaining to watch.


While I played I stuck with the katanas as my main weapon, dual SMGs for my ranged weapon, and bear traps for my projectile. Combine that awesomeness with the added bonus of teleportation and you can have a really good time. I would constantly throw down bear traps and watch as I completely immobilize most enemies as they stood there trying to pry their leg free.

Weirdly enough that isn’t the most gorey thing you can do. When you stun enemies you have the ability to finish them off with the B button, a personal favorite of mine was sticking a sword into an enemy’s stomach, and holding them in place. Then I would use my other katana and take a swing across the neck for a decapitation.

The combat is fun and is a little challenging at times if you don’t do things like kill ranged enemies first. It isn’t anything too special or revolutionary in that department though, the place where this game excels is with Deadpool and the story itself.

Right out the gate Deadpool shit talks everything and everyone. You start out in his apartment and get to look into the life of the super hero. You come across his blow-up doll, his internet habits, and you even get to use his bathroom to make…and I quote, a “stink pickle”. He even pulls down his pants and takes the black bar that covers his “downtown” and makes it larger because obviously the initial black bar wasn’t enough to hide all his glory.

These things happen throughout the game and was the best part of the game. Voiced by Nolan North, Deadpool would do crazy shit that had me extremely entertained throughout, like crashing the Blackbird and slapping Wolverine for literally five minutes trying to wake him up. By the end of it you hear Deadpool say, “Great that was a cheap ploy to add five minutes of gameplay.” There are much better moments than that in the game, but I will not spoil them.

High Moon Studios even took jabs at themselves throughout the game and it made for some really cool changes in the game. Thanks to “budget issues” or Deadpool overwhelming the programming at times you would get some unique game moments. For example the genre of the game switched into a top-down 1985 game at one point and a side-scroller puzzle game at another point.

Joking aside though, the game levels offered a few too many invisible walls in spots where they had no right being, enemies floating, and things like enemies going through walls when I started executions and the sort happened a lot. During a fantastic urinal scene the camera actually stayed the way it was in a cut-scene after it was over and I had to restart from a checkpoint.

Deadpool_WithWolvieIt doesn’t make the game unplayable or anything, these are just little things that I found annoying and a little lazy.

Overall I feel like High Moon did the Deadpool universe justice. Granted I am biased as Deadpool is my favorite “superhero”, but they did a much better job than the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine did. I still want Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (no homo) but they need to approach the movie with the same wit, craziness, and killing that I saw in this game.

The campaign only took me eight hours to complete on medium and other than a challenge mode that has you wiping enemies out in waved combat on campaign levels, there isn’t much replay value. The achievements might keep you playing as they are mostly tied to you doing specific things on levels, but I doubt most will. The game is only $50, but although I enjoyed it, I think you will be able to find it discounted eventually if you want to wait a month or two. If you are a Deadpool fan, I still think it is a must-buy, but for eight hours of fun campaign, it is worth waiting for it to go on sale.

A copy of Deadpool on the Xbox 360 was provided to us for review by High Moon Studios/Activision

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