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Is IllumiRoom The Next Xbox’s Killer Feature?

by on 04/29/2013

At CES Microsoft demoed a new proof of concept technology called IllumiRoom. Using a rear projector and a Kinect sensor the IllumiRoom can expand TV content outside the screen and even augment your living room. Today the Microsoft team showed off more of the IllumiRoom concept with a new longer and much more detailed video.

So is this the “killer feature” that Microsoft needs to stay on top? I must admit the idea is very interesting, and while it might be something we see in the new Xbox, I don’t think it will be something that is a standard feature nor do I see it launching with the next-generation console. But I do see this as a new peripheral down the road similar to the Kinect. I think the technology still has a few hurdles to overcome before it hits our living rooms. For starter it appears the tech demo as of now is using a normal rear projector yet the product is aiming to be a coffee table device. But I think it’s biggest challenge is electricity. Before we play games do we now need to string extension cords out to use the device? So while the concept is neat, if it’s a device that requires time, effort and preparation before firing up a game, it might just be another dust collector like the Kinect.

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