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Among The Sleep Proves Kids are Terrifying

by on 04/18/2013

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child.The game is heavily based on atmosphere and exploration, and using the two year old child’s perspective. For example you’ll be able to see your own body at all times, and you will have to interact with the environment to find places to hide from dangers.

Little kids are terrifying, seriously, I already hate scary movies, if you show me a toddler standing silhouetted in the dark, I can guarantee you I will never see that murderous looking six year old, unless I am punching him in the face.

That being said, I know I have to buy it. Games that take you along for a ride like you are on the Haunted Mansion at Disney has me begrudgingly excited to play it. In order for this to happen they need to be funded. Their Kickstarter has just began and you could help get it made and score yourself a cheap copy by pledging below.

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