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Marvel Heroes Hands-On Preview

by on 03/24/2013

Gazillion Entertainment has brought the classic Diablo gameplay into the Marvel universe. Letting players take the role of their favorite super heroes and join together with other players to take down classic villains in a variety of settings.

With a strong backing from Marvel this free-to-play MMO is not a cheap rip-off on the brand. Marvel has allowed them to unveil new costumes for heroes months before they revealed them in their comics, and most recently they were given all the assets to create the Iron Man 3 armor that you will see in the movie for players to wear.

Now you can’t create your own hero, but for the Marvel fans, you get to take the role of any hero and after you unlock them you can switch to them at any time. For example I played as Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Storm, and my favorite Marvel hero Deadpool. Deadpool is even voiced by Nolan North, and all the other characters have voice-acting attached to them as well.

msmarvel_wolverine_ft_stryker (2)_1080p

Each character have fully unique skill sets and attacks. Left mouse is their primary attack, right mouse is another attack that uses “mana”, and then ASD as well as some keys are your other skills, which is different from having to use the number keys, actually pretty smart if you think about your hand placement for these point and click games.

The skills had some neat animations and the range of what they did were enjoyable, I could float with a tornado surrounding me dealing damage as Storm, Throw my hammer a good distance and have it boomerang back as Thor, or even throw explosive teddy bears as Deadpool.

You are dropped in various random-generated maps in the universe with other players to adventure, participate in dynamic events, finish an over-arching mission, and get loot. These missions tend to end with a boss battle that can earn you items like medals that you can equip and have the ability to modify you with one of the bosses traits. For example you could kill Venom and end up with something that drains health or causes the symbiosis damage.

Although you can only influence appearance by finding/buying costumes, all of your gear is upgradeable and craftable. Plus the build you choose for skills will make you look different from other characters.

The Marvel universe is gigantic so they should have no problem constantly throwing in new characters for people to use and making it still have that MMO feel. Marvel fans can relish in playing as their favorites in the worlds they have grown up with and even though the game is deep you can also jump on as a casual players and find something for yourself.

I am not sure how many outsiders they can pull in, but fans of Marvel and fans of superheroes in-general, should at least try it out as the creator of Diablo is behind this game, and its like a brand new experience with that fun gameplay.

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