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Modders Find SimCity Offline Code and Bigger City Plots

by on 03/14/2013

The SimCity saga has taken another turn for the worse. Modders have been able to reverse engineer some of the game’s code, to do what the EA/MAXIS team has said is impossible, play offline. While the offline play is limited to one city, the fact remains that the possibility is there and the claims that the game must be connected always are false.

  • The game can be played without an internet connection indefinitely after modding. Can only stay in one city.
  • SimCity has behavior for offline save handling. When offline, your city is saved and is uploaded to Origin the next time you go online. Offline mode seemed to be cut hastily.

Another piece of code they found are references to “Big maps”. Small city map size has been another major complaint and another part of the game that EA/MAXIS has claimed is a must due to game engine limitations. However it appears that the references are so widely used that initially there was plan for larger maps, or that larger maps are slated for a soon to be released DLC pack.

And the last interesting find is that of population manipulation by the code. Now that the game is somewhat playable gamers have been finding major population/work force issues. Cities with 150K population yet less then 10% are working.

Needless to say MAXIS has been pretty silent the last few days, but the tarnishing of the SimCity name continues.

Source: Reddit

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