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Rumored Playstation 4 Controller Information, With Images and Details

by on02/14/2013

**Update: Well I guess for some you can rejoice that this rumor didn’t come true. Still it would have been an interesting alternative to the standard controller**

We just received a tip from a person within the advertising and brand marketing industry, with some BIG information about what might be a brand new controller for the Playstation 4. The information allegedly comes from advertising agency Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty New York who recently acquired the SCEA account. The controller renders and description also lines up with recent patent information for a new controller.

The controller is being called “SplitShock.” It incorporates PS Move technology and PS Vita touch technology into the PS4 controller. The biggest change is the removal of the thumbsticks we have been so accustomed to over the years. Gamers will instead use a Vita like touchpad to control their games. The new controller is also rumored to have 4gb of built-in memory allowing the controller to double as a memory unit as well.

If this is truly the design route Sony is taking this could be BIG in changing the way we play games or it might be a BIG disaster moving away from tried and true controller design. My feeling is this might be the new PS Move controller doing away with the wand and nun-chuck, we highly doubt thumbsticks will be going away as touchpad technology just doesn’t offer the control you need in FPS games. This can also be total BS. Leave us some thoughts below, do you think this is the new PS Move controller or is Sony going to kill thumbsticks?? Either way we are waiting for comment from SCEA, until then check out the controller renders and the advertising information we were provided.

And of course, check out our predictions for what the big Sony announcement will entail on February 20th!

The following info is what Sony is passing down so they can work on their PS4 advertising campaign. The attached images are from early renders but have been assured it’s the final design of what the PS4 controller is going to be. The text I’ve copied below is the basis of what they are using to generate the print and social media areas for the campaign, Enjoy…


Welcome to the Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC family. The following information is for your employees to initiate your print and web advertising campaign.

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4 console, we have redesigned the DualShock 3 controller to remain on the forefront of innovation. With this in mind we have created the SplitShock controller. There are three major changes from the DualShock 3 controller that will give our consumers an edge over our competition.

The first and most immediate change when a consumer looks at the SplitShock is the removal of the analogue sticks and the inclusion of touchpads in their place. The touchpads serve the same function as the analogue sticks.

When a consumer is not playing a game, the SplitShock touchpads function as a track pad with both halves making a larger area to swipe and select items. The touchpads are also fully programmable by developers. This gives them the freedom to use the touchpads as they see fit. For example, if the game doesn’t require analogue controls, the touchpads can be used as an alternate input device. This allows games ported from IOS or Android the ability to retain their original control scheme.

Because of the need to have a comfortable experience when using the track pad function or a dual touchpad controls, the width of the SplitShock is one inch wider when compared to the DualShock 3.

The second innovation on the SplitShock is the “SHARE” button. The SplitShock contains an internal 4 GB memory chip. This allows consumers to store any pictures, music, or movies on their SplitShock controller. It will also synch with their PSN account and stay updated with their profile.

When a consumer presses the “SHARE” button, any files on the SplitShock can be used on another PlayStation 4. If they are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, they can also share full games that are registered to their PSN account. The limit to this is that the files can only be shared within 15 meters of a Playstation 4 console.

For the time being, this function is only enabled between a SplitShock controller and a PlayStation 4 console. In the future this function will be enabled across all of Sony’s product line.

The final innovation is how we came up with the SplitShock name. Because of the improvements made to the Sony Duel Eye, the PlayStation Move sensors have reduced in size and have been integrated into the SplitShock controller.

With a press of a button, the SplitShock separates into two halves. This opens up yet another way for developers to customize whatever control system they desire. While the SplitShock is in split mode users can experience a full motion control setup that consumers have become accustomed to with the Move and Navigation controller combination. Another benefit is that since both halves of the SplitShock are Mirrored, even left handed players will have no issues.

With these innovations for the SplitShock controller, we are giving our loyal consumers a chance to interact with the PlayStation brand in ways they have never imagined before.

  • Starfox118

    Not only is that a completely idiotic render that Sony would not issue. You’ve been rumbled by a bedroom designer. There’s not even any analogue sticks.

    • DarthDiggler

      Sounds like someone didn’t actually read the article. This is a terrible render though, just looks weird reminds me of the Xbox Bean but PlayStation Style.

    • Blue Heeler

      Try reading the article…they explain why the sticks are gone.

    • John L

      The lack of thumbsticks leads us to believe this might be replacing the Move Wand and Nun-chuck and there would still be a standard controller

  • Phillip Costigan

    Come on guys, bit of cop on. No analogue sticks, and internal memory in the controller? Do you expect the console to wirelessly record massive data files over bluetooth to the controller when it could just record to the hard drive?

    Also, sharing full games like that? A DRM nightmare. Not a chance.

  • dsf


  • Kintaco

    The Render looks totally legit…I would write a story just based off of that render. You guys are idiots!

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      we are not saying it fake we are saying the controller look like shit

    • Marcus Stayte

      The render and article are based off “a tip from a person within the advertising and brand marketing industry” not the other way round. Learn to Read

      Not that I’m saying I expect this to be true though.

    • Marc Price

      Do you honestly think we didn’t research this before we posted it? The tipster had legit credentials. We researched them. Also, the render matches what was leaked via patents a couple of weeks ago. It may turn out to be false, but we certainly did our due diligence before posting it.

      • Rus McLaughlin

        I’m sorry, Marc, but you got punked. The same jerk sent us (GamesBeat) the same renders. I’m not sure what kind of research you did, but he ‘fessed up after exactly one email when we asked him to name his unnamed source (with our guarantee of anonymity). It’s completely fake.

  • C_Woodson


  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    fugly lol

  • T.d. Wolfe

    That’s not even how we spell “Analogue”(Sic) here in the States. It should be “Analog”. The fact that the alleged press release was from Sony Entertainment America, yet they used a European spelling pretty much tells me that this is fake. You know, if you couldn’t tell by looking at the God awful rendering of the controller.

    • Marc Price

      There are a couple of spelling inconsistencies that bring the veracity into question. All we can do it see what happens. But, that’s why it’s a RUMOR.

  • themuIe

    If anything I would eliminate the D-pad, completely useless. Put an analog stick in its place, put another analog stick on the other side (Xbox-360 style if you will), and fit the pad in the middle somehow.

  • Mike

    Most of you are fools to think this is real. First of all you need sticks or a d-pad, touch sensitivity is no where near what it needs to be to replace those. Second, it just looks ugly. To who ever is responsible for this article, you should be ashamed. You can have all the sources in the world with perfect credentials and track records but at the end of the day a pig won’t fly. You guys didn’t use logic when writing this so called article. It was pushed for hits.

    • Marc Price

      Do you know anything about reporting news? If you receive a tip and research it, and it checks out, why wouldn’t you run it? Or do you just want Sony to drip-feed you information at their leisure?

      • Mike

        Looking a what the PS4 controller looks like now (no where close to that trash you posted). Looks like your “source/tipster” lied to you! Looks like your analytical skills could use some refining. Do YOU know how reporting news works? It’s not about beating people to the punch or getting traffic, it is reporting the truth consistently, that’s how you gain credibility.

  • Michael

    Obviously if Sony’s software is good, the touchpads could be acting as analog sticks as well as other functions.

  • zero110100

    Wow,Sony stock will plummet if they show this monstrosity.Taking away analog sticks putting them on touch pad is stupidity.That’s why those plastic analog sticks exist for ipod and ipad. They exist to fill a void.

  • Jonathan M. Jacobs

    This split design is not new an any way. Sony had the idea for this even before Move was thought of. in favt there is a video of this is action which i am sure those in the know could easily find.

  • BobFour

    i would want this controller

  • Mark

    What a retarded “article”.

  • ahlun Lee

    Feb 20th is coming soon, we will know if it’s fake or real.

  • booboo

    What a load of absolute bollocks!

  • Emperor_Jagi

    I’m all for changes and improvement but WTF is this shit?

  • The Procrastinator☺

    Whoever posted this article is a complete and utter idiot. I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of fail this has.