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Create an Experience in Project Awakened

by on 02/04/2013

What if you could completely customize every detail of your character and have those attributes impact the entire way the game responds to your character?  That is exactly what Phosphor Games Studio hopes to offer gamers with Project Awakened, their PC game debuting today as a new Kickstarter campaign.

Originally conceived at Midway Games as an ambitious next gen game called “Hero,” although nothing was ever made, members of the team started Phosphor Games Studio, the video game developer who has received back-to-back Mobile Game of the Year nominations from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences for Horn (2012) and The Dark Meadow (2011).

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Project Awakened gives each player the opportunity to wholly define their dream video game character and put them into immersive action-packed environments which then respond to each person’s personal gameplay style and character creation.

Perhaps the most exceptional thing about Project Awakened is the potential to craft gameplay experiences and challenges that never existed before:

  • Create a Batman-like hero with a giant samurai sword and incredible strength and power for combat.
  • Imagine a non-violent femme fatale with amazing speed, agility and no weapons who can race around enemies.
  • Create a character that absorbs and reflects enemy abilities and bullets.

The possibilities are endless and allow each player to generate one-of-a-kind gameplay experience unlike anything before.

The Kickstarter campaign kicks off today and runs through March 6, with Phosphor Games looking to raise a minimum of $500,000 from backers.  Although the game has been in development for a few years, the money generated from the Kickstarter campaign will allow Phosphor Games to have a dedicated team help finish the title, as well as add a number of exciting features to the game.

You really should see the stretch goals though, they just confirmed with me that reaching the “multiplayer” goal does not just mean some sort of competitive multiplayer, but rather being able to play cooperatively. Which leads to even more ability and combinations of epicness.

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