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4 Features We Learned About in Destiny ViDoc

by on 02/17/2013

Here are four things we believe are present based on the trailer for Bungie’s new game – Destiny. I could be wrong about the central lobby, but I feel like that is a feature Borderlands has been lacking and a no-brainer to tie people deeper into their world. Tell us what you think.

1. There will be preset classes, clans/guilds, and a level system.


2. Squads/Teams appear to hold 6 players, the emblem system is still intact, there are a variety of playlists, and they may have created a central lobby similar to an MMO where players can meet, trade, buy gear, et cetera.


3. Players will have loadouts with perks.


4. There will be an App to keep you linked to the game


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