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SWTOR Game Update 1.2 Post Patch Brings Down All Servers

by on 04/13/2012

For the last few months BioWare has been prepping what should have been an amazing game update for Star Wars the Old Republic. Game Update 1.2 made sweeping changes to the game but also brought along many new game systems including Legacy and new Guild additions. Like all MMO game updates none really launch without a hitch. And when update 1.2 hit the servers Thursday morning there were a few bugs that the development team decided to patch via a hotfix later in the evening. Unfortunately that hotfix made things even worse on the servers as parts of the game reverted back to their pre-1.2 stage. This rollback didn’t just break content but also caused players be to stuck in a sort of limbo being in these now invalid areas.

Today BioWare has begun the process of rebuilding the servers which means taking them down for a minimum of 8 hours. And of course the internet goes ablaze. Many have taken to the SWTOR forums to voice their thoughts on this blunder. Yet it’s amazing how many of these people fail to realize the complexity of MMO development, and the sheer size of these games. And for some reason because it’s BioWare/EA many gamers think that every patch every release is going to be 100% perfect, and when it’s not they complain. I personally remember many of times when Blizzard updated World of Warcraft and the servers would be broken for days, requiring multiple day long downtimes to fix. I think the reason their seems to be such an outcry is that SWOTR was promoted much more to the mainstream gamer, meaning there are many more newbies to the MMOs scene who are just unaware of what goes into these games.

While there has been no real confirmation on game time credit for SWTOR I can say after looking at my account my renewal date should have been June 21st yet it’s listed as July 17th. and I don’t fall into the recent promotion of 30 days free for those with level 50’s. So it seem BioWare has quietly been granting free game time to make up for outages and free weekends. Though it would be nice if all MMO titles had a clear policy on game time extensions due to downtime, I mean it is the right thing to do.

Needless to say the servers are down, they will be down for a bit and you can get all the latest updates here. And just sit tight folks, WoW wasn’t the behemoth it has become within it’s first year of launch either. Things change these games evolve.

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