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Enter a World of Mercenaries

by on03/27/2012

World of Mercenaries, a new free to play AAA first person shooter currently in development exclusively for PC. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 3 and to be distributed digitally via Steam.

UNLEASH YOUR TALENT – In this truly skill based FPS, navigate immersive maps using different play styles and tactics! Without any act of randomness here, enjoy the game your way – whether you’re a hardcore competitive gamer, or a casual fan of the genre playing with friends.

GO FOR TEAMWORK – Work together with your team and support each through complementary skills. Teamwork is one of the game’s core elements, and will get you higher rewards. Play with your friends, access a huge gamers’ community, get all the advantages and security you can already access and trust via your Steam account!

MAKE IT YOUR GAME – Just a couple features that will make it your own true experience:
– Detailed weapon customization truly making a difference
– High degree of freedom through a great array of special movements
– Load-out customization, matching your style of play the best

More information on the game and the launch of the Beta registration process will be made public soon at