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Class3 Spy Cam Gameplay Q&A

by on 02/11/2012

Undead Labs took to their blog last night to deliver a Q&A. They took questions they received in response to the first glimpse of gameplay they offered in January and gave the fans more information on what is sure to become the most anticipated game for the Xbox 360 sooner or later. As I enjoy doing, I have summarized the information below for you all to drool over. Enjoy guys,girls, et cetera:

1. The world is seamless, with no loading screens.

2. You can enter every building in the game. There will be buildings on fire, collapsed, or have some sort of debris in front of door ways that will stop you from entering. Still better than having you run up to a door that should open and have it not built to open…while you are being charged by crazed zombies.

3. The barricade gameplay in the video was of a massive horde attack with a large zombie who was built to be good at barrier destruction. In general barricades will last longer, although they are just a temporary measure they are still very useful if you give away your location and need to protect yourself.

4. If you liked the song being played in the video you can download it here.

5. Class3 (the XBLA game) will not feature split-screen co-op. The CryENGINE 3 does not support it natively, meaning it would be a delay on the game if they worked to make that adjustment.

6. Jeff hints that their are achievements like launching a zombie 30 feet by hitting them with a car, tossing a zombie 30 feet in the air with a land mine,  use land mines like dominoes to blow up a zombie, or killing X zombies with an explosive vehicle. I personally hope and feel that the MMO will have mostly fun/generic achievements for the game but inside they will offer the deeper achievements MMOs should have. i.e. 500 zombie kills – 1,000 zombie kills – 10,000 zombie kills. Things like that for all aspects like melee kills, head shots, car splatters, explosive kills, building. Not sure if you should get bonuses like increased accuracies or faster building but the achievement to show off would be cool enough.

7. Climbing, jumping, grabbing, throwing, hanging, ducking, diving, and peeking. Have been one of Undead Labs highest priorities from the start of development, and Jeff says, “I can absolutely confirm that that you can do all these things.”

8. Vehicles are precious assets in Class3. Not only can they get you to remote areas quickly for rescue missions or resource runs, they also afford substantial protection as you drive through zed-infested areas.

9. If you trash your truck, you’re not guaranteed to find a serviceable replacement around the next corner. In fact, you might be in real trouble; stranded out in the middle of nowhere, or in the midst of the town’s heavily infested industrial district, short on supplies and nowhere near a safe house.

10. Class3 tracks and remembers all the vehicles in the game, including where they are, who currently ‘owns’ them, and their damage state. If you destroy a vehicle—accidentally, by crashing it or trying to plow through one too many hordes, or intentionally, by making good use of its explosive potential—it will stay destroyed.

11. If you “borrow” it from another survivor group without permission, they probably won’t be too happy with you.

12. The video did not show some of the more unique elements of Class3 like base building, survivor-community management, manning watch towers, interacting with other survivor communities, researching new technologies, vehicle mechanics, or complex zombie infestation and horde behaviors. Rest assured, Class3 is, and always has been, an open-world zombie apocalypse simulation.

13. People will ragdoll, yes. And more importantly, so will zombies. We’re making good use of ragdoll physics to let you use your environment as a weapon. Glass windows, trash dumpsters, picket fences, the hood of your trusty pickup—all surfaces with great possibilities for taking out zeds with efficiency and panache.

14. ” You could say that the entire game is a perma-death, see-how-long-you-can-live-for experience, but on a large scale. It includes not just the quick, pulse-pounding drama of extended sieges, but also the intense, life-or-death struggle to carve out and defend small pockets of safety in a world overrun by the undead. Will there be throwaway, repeatable survival modes? No. There are other games that do that quite well, and other games that do the zombie-corridor-shooter thing well. I love those kinds of games too, but we’re creating a simulated world.” – James Phinney. I had to just copy & paste that, because that sounds pretty epic.

15. Some zombies are faster, some slower, some stronger, some louder, some have keener senses, and the like. Don’t expect ridiculous tentacle-mouthed zombies or some other sort of mutant, these zombies were people at some point and didn’t get bit, run into toxic waste, then get bit by a radioactive animal.

16. Like I said in an article I wrote last week when I talked about 6 Weapons I want to see in the Zombie MMO, you will be able to snipe zombies from long-range while other survivors could be pinned down or just doing a mission. Allowing you to interact with other players in a hero role…or possibly more nefariously.

17. We will learn much more about Class3 this Spring…please mean PAX East, because we will be there with bells on.

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