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Undead Labs ‘Class3′ to use CryEngine 3 + Video

by on 08/19/2011

Undead Labs has been hard at work making the Xbox Live Arcade game that will precede their Zombie MMO. Codenamed ‘Class3′ the title has barely been seen. Their site is full of amazing concept art and a behind the scenes video tour that gave us a 3 second taste of gameplay but nothing that has really shown the consumers what they will be playing…until today. Undead Labs has announced that ‘Class3′ will be powered by the powerful CryEngine 3. I could describe how awesome that is but I lack the vocabulary to pull off that literary illustration.  So instead UL has taken care of that problem and has posted a video that shows the day/night cycle of the town the arcade game will take place in.

Please enter the url to a Vimeo video.

Now, all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope that the game will be complete enough to show off at PAX East next April.

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