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Wasteland Angel Preview

by on 06/27/2011

In a post World War III world gamers assume the role as heroine Wasteland Angel in her souped up fully loaded armored car.  As Angel crosses the radioactive wastelands of the world she sets out to protect towns that are filled with survivors.  Her mission is simple protect those who can not protect themselves.
Wasteland Angel is a throwback to old school games where you fight off waves of increasingly more difficult enemies.The waves of enemies are nothing compared to each levels bosses.  Using a top down camera the game feels like old school GTA meets Twisted Metal.  As you fight off the various gangs you will be able to collect various upgrades and secondary weapons.  These weapons and upgrades range from armor piercing bullets for your car mounted dual machine guns, of incendiary ammo.  You’ll also be able to gather secondary weapons like mines, napalm and EMPs just to name a few.
the gameplay is fast paced and fun, plus there are bonus first person view levels mixed in to add some flavor.  There are 24 levels in all spanning 6 different locations.  I would have liked some sort of overall XP/upgrade system, as it would have given a bit more of a goal to strive for.  But the online leader-boards will offer a lot of replay value as gamers will want to out score their friends.
Wasteland Angel is a neat little action game, it seemed a bit short in length, but the action is fun and the scoring system will keep you hooked in.  Right now it’s only a PC game but I could see it making a great XBLA/PSN game. Wasteland Angel hits later this summer for PC gamers.

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