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The Fallen Frontier Hands On Preview

by on 03/14/2011

We were set up to look at a lot of potential hits this weekend. On Saturday during a subway ride as we were leaving one of the speakers from PAX East started chatting with us. He told us that we really need to see an indie title from Moonshot Games called Fallen Frontier.

So today we checked it out. It is a game being developed by ex-Bungie employees and is a side scrolling co-op shooter. It is set to come out for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network and involves the fun gameplay elements that make arcade games successful.

They are keeping it simple and if your gameplay backs it up there is no problem with that. Mike and I participated in a co-op session that involved a lot of fooling around and enemy killing. The system is simple move with left thumbstick, aim with right thumbstick, RT shoots, A jumps, B Melee, Y cycles weapons, RB throws grenades, and as an added twist X repelled enemies away with what seemed like a shockwave. That wasn’t the real twist though, with LT you get a special ability.

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We only got to experience one special ability and it was the grapple. I don’t know if it is just me but when I have the ability to use a grapple I love the game more than I probably should. The grapple allowed you to move up levels and swing across gaps, which is expected. That was not the best part of course, the grappled allowed you to pull enemies at will and made for some entertaining kills. For example one was charging Mike shooting him, so being a good teammate I pulled him from the other direction and as he reached me I punched him out. Then in another situation I was behind another enemy that was above Mike and as he was shooting down I grabbed him from faraway and ended up making him fall down to Mike’s level momentarily and then basically hanging him against the floor I was on, giving Mike free shots at this enemy who was put in crucifixion position.

Not only was that fun, but I accidently discovered that you could also grapple teammates. At one point Mike decided to jump up into a group of enemies to throw a grenade at them. Well as he grappled to the ceiling above and was on his way to their level, I tried to grapple myself and ended up grabbing onto him and doing a Scorpion-style pull taking him away from the potential danger.

There are way too many opportunities for good memories to be created in a simple concept that it could definitely be a good pickup for a cheap arcade game. Currently they are working on making it so it has drop-in/out co-op and offer both local and online. They also don’t have a publisher at the moment so things are subject to change or even improve.

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