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Bastion Trailer

by on 09/02/2010

An action RPG in development by Supergiant Games is showing off its first official trailer.

“Our goal with Bastion is to hit players’ emotional chords in unexpected ways, in addition to delivering highly responsive gameplay that rewards finesse and experimentation,” said game industry veteran Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games’ Creative Director. “We’re pushing to make it so that players become absorbed in the game’s distinctive setting and narrative tone from the first moments.” 

This game has the current mindset of being released on console marketplaces. So expect this to be a neat arcade game to download and play. If there is anything that the next-gen has taught me, it is that the games do not have to be huge blockbusters to be extremely popular.

With games like Castle Crashers it is evident that arcade games are different beast of its own and conjure up their own following and with one unique like this it definately looks promising.

Expect it to be finished in Summer of 2011 and it is currently playable at PAX.

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