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SWTOR Jedi Consular Announced and Media Blowout

by on 12/06/2009

Well we knew already about the latest class announcements from leaked publications but now the Jedi Consular is official and has some screens and other art.

Channeling the power of the Force for strength and wisdom, the Consulars of the Jedi Order cut to the truth of any complicated situation as cleanly as their double-bladed Lightsabers cut down an army of Imperial foes. Whether unlocking long forgotten mysteries of the Jedi, raising armies to fight for the Republic, or engaging in mortal combat with Dark Lords of the Sith, the Jedi Consulars’ deep attunement to the Force gives them all the power they need to rise to any battle with poise and balance.

Besides this announcement we also have a overload of new media to show you.  From screenshots of the Jedi Consulars to some concept art of all the announced classes.

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