Very High Stream Quality Setting in Windows 10 Xbox App

by John Lon 08/14/2015
Windows 10 and Xbox One gamers get a nice feature with the Xbox App on Windows 10, they can stream their console from one room to their Windows 10 PC and enjoy all their games right on their PC screen. By default there are 3 quality settings, Low, Medium and High. With High maxing at […]

NBA Live 16 Pro-Am Revealed

by John Lon 08/13/2015
Starting on September 15th NBA fans will be able to jump online and compete in NBA Live 16‘s, LIVE Pro-Am modes. Games can hit the court in 2 game modes, LIVE Run and Summer Circuit. LIVE Run, is an online pick-up game with up to nine friends on storied courts like Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Jordan Terminal 23 and […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta Trailer

by John Lon 08/11/2015
The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta is about to kick off on PS4. Today we got a new trailer that sheds light on what gamers can expect when playing through the Beta and it’s not to shabby, a slew of game modes and a handful of maps, plus a chance to check […]

First Look at Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode

by John Lon 08/05/2015
Take to the skies in Star Wars Battlefront with Fighter Squadron mode. Not only can you fly the typical Star Wars flying machines like X-Wings and Tie Fighters but but also iconic machines like the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars Battlefront is due out in November.

Gamescom Quantum Break Trailer

by John Lon 08/05/2015
In this all new gameplay trailer for Quantum Break see what happens when you can use time as the ultimate weapon. Oh and meet the live action cast of Quantum Break. Look for Quantum Break on Xbox One April 5th 2016

Latest Just Cause 3 Trailer – Burn It

by John Lon 08/05/2015
In the latest look at Just Cause 3 we see how Rico can just burn things down. Get ready for massive explosions and some awesome surprises on what you’ll be able to do with all of Rico’s new tools. Just Cause 3 is due out December 1st.

Forza Motorsport 6 – Rain Racing

by John Lon 08/05/2015
With the power of the Xbox One the team at Turn 10 is able to bring racing fans a new experience to Forza in the form of rain. Brought to us in stunning 1080/60p the rain will not only look amazing but depending on the track surface will feel incredibly realistic. From asphalt to cement no two […]

Crackdown 3 First Look Video

by John Lon 08/05/2015
At Gamescomm 2015 Microsoft showed off the first look at Crackdown 3. The team is bringing back that old school Crackdown gameplay but adding DESTRUCTION. The world you play in is fully destructible. Crackdown 3 will be out next year.