Massive Number of PUBG Players Hit With Game Ban

by Johnon June 16, 2018
For many PUBG, PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, players Saturday has turned into a BAN bloodbath. About 30-45 minutes ago a rash of game bans went out to a large number of gamers, my podcast partner Geoff included. Looking at the Steam forums and Reddit this issue has hit many players with varying in-game records and really seems […]

Let’s Jump Podcast – Episode 6 – Live From E3 2018

by Johnon June 14, 2018
Strap in it’s E3 time. John and Geoff are live, sorta, from E3 2018. We jump into the latest Battle Royale news from the show floor and talk about the other games we are hyped for this and next year. Topics PUBG update – Sanhok this Summer, Snow Map this Winter Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, […]

E3 2018: PUBG Updates Coming Soon

by Johnon June 14, 2018
While Epic is pulling out all the stops on the show floor with Fortnite, PUBG had the sizeable announcement on what we can expect this year from PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS. Not only is Sanhok (aka Savage) map coming to PC and Xbox this Summer, but so is War Mode. And to end the year we will […]

E3 2018: Battlefield V To Get Battle Royale Mode

by Johnon June 11, 2018
E3 2018 news is rolling out fast and so far in the battle royale realm, EA confirmed during EA Play on Saturday that the next installment of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield V will be getting a battle royale mode. No real details were revealed other then that the mode won’t ship with the game and […]

Let’s Jump – A Battle Royale Podcast – Episode 5 – Event Mode

by Johnon May 28, 2018
Welcome to episode 5 of the Let’s Jump – A Battle Royale Podcast. In this quick episode John and Geoff discuss PUBG and Fortnite’s latest event modes. Plus the latest updates to PUBG on Xbox One. If you enjoy the show make sure to click subscribe!

Let’s Jump – A Battle Royal Podcast Ep 4 – Call of Duty: Blackout

by Johnon May 18, 2018
Welcome to Episode 4 of the Let’s Jump Podcast. On this episode Geoff and John jump into the just announced Call of Duty: Blackout Battle Royale Mode, launching with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 later this year. Also discussed this episode is the latest Fortnite and PUBG patches, and our thoughts on the recently […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 To Have Battle Royale Mode

by Johnon May 17, 2018
This afternoon Activision held a community reveal event for this years Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It was already confirmed that this year’s game would be 100% multiplayer but rumors swirled about a Battle Royale mode and today we got confirmation that it will be happening! The mode titled, Call of Duty: Blackout will […]

Let’s Jump – A Battle Royale Podcast – Episode 3 – Fortnite Season 4 Kickoff

by Johnon May 6, 2018
Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Jump – A Battle Royale Podcast. On this episode John and Geoff jump in game, yes they record while gaming, and tackle the recently released Season 4 of Fortnite. They roam the Dusty Divot and find some Hop Rocks while giving you their thoughts on this latest update […]

Fortnite Season 4 Arrives with a BANG

by Johnon May 3, 2018
Fortnite fans the end is here, well not really, but that meteor you’ve been reading about has finally crashed into Fortnite with the start of Season 4. Season 4 not only brings a slew of new items to the latest Battle Pass, but the map is also changed. Shards of a massive comet have crashed […]

PUBG PC Update #12 Patch Notes

by Johnon April 27, 2018
We were warned that a major update including weapon re-balancing was coming soon. Today Bluehole released the patch notes for PC update #12. There are major changes to AR weapon damage and recoil, and for you sniping fans 8x scopes can no longer be put in ARs, but don’t worry there are some new attachments […]